Miss Mazuma – Vampire Slayer!!

We have all heard of the Energy Vampires living among us…And, no, I’m not talking about the Debbie Downer that you sit near at work (though, they are THE worst!!).  I am talking about those everyday items we leave plugged in that suck your wallet dry at such a gradual pace that you don’t even realize it is happening.  You get your monthly electric bill and just assume that that is what you used so you pay it.  But wait!  You didn’t even get the benefit of using it!  Those nasty vampires are stealing from you…

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Well, I have taken matters into my own hands.  I’ve pulled out my sword and am cutting costs – its gradual, but it’s working!!  I started by unplugging my wifi and cable modems at night.  To make it easier, I put everything on the same power strip with my TV, DVD player, and cable box.  One quick flick of the switch and they all go off together.

Weather is a huge factor for energy use in Chicago.  In the long dreary winter, I lower the heat drastically when I am out of town and even this year I even concealed some ugly plastic insulation behind my blinds for some added winter protection.  You couldn’t even tell it was there!  My condo is practically ALL windows so every bit helps.  Now that it is summer, the air is off until my thermostat says 78.  I could keep it off longer with just the use fans but with Bubba wearing a fur coat all day long (she’s very fancy), I try to spare her the sweltering humidity.  I unplug my chargers and computer before leaving the house or after charging is finished.  Nothing is getting by me now – all phantom energy suckers are being slayed ruthlessly.

My boyfriend, John, thinks I’m insane…but the following chart is proof!

So based on my numbers, I have lowered my energy costs almost every month.  If I was a little more nerdy I would calculate the percentage saved each month (and I’m kinda wanting to!), but for now this is good enough.  Now, I’m not sure what happened with my gas the past two months.  The weather has been warmer and we haven’t been using the heat…was I really cooking that much?  Perhaps it is a fluke, but if it happens again next month I will have to do an audit.

Looking at the electric, there is one factor to be noted – in January I bought a new smaller fridge.  I will share pics of the old beast and my kitchen before and after but I don’t think that fridge alone could have caused such a huge drop in my electric costs.  Both the old and the new fridge are energy star rated.

From this:

To this:

Though the fridge cost me some bucks, it was well worth it to open up the space.  I also added an island and got rid of the open storage shelves to the right.  It looks so much better now!!  I plan to write about my teeny tiny kitchen later but I think we can all agree that a full size fridge for myself was a waste of space and energy, not to mention my food costs have gone down.  When you have a small fridge you learn to shop accordingly.  🙂

Along with the obvious energy vampires that were lurking in my home, I dealt with one that had been hiding.  My old computer.  I use it one or two days a month for work then leave it to collect dust the other 28 days…but I have been leaving it PLUGGED IN!!  For years!  That all ended this year.  Now the old computer is attached to a power strip with the printer.  I turn it on for the 2 days I use it and completely  powered off and unplugged the rest of the month.  I can totally hear pennies falling from the sky!!

Looking back over the past 6 months I am quite pleased with myself and my savings!  Now go out there, don your cloaks and swords, and slay some vampires!!

** What changes have you made this year to save some dough?  Have you noticed any difference?  Shoot an email or post a comment – we can all use some money saving tips!! **


What Does the Word RETIRE Mean to You and When Will it Happen?

noun: retirement; plural noun: retirements
  1. 1.
    the action or fact of leaving one’s job and ceasing to work.
    “a man woman nearing retirement”

Boring.  How about fresh salty beach air blowing through your hair while you yell to the cabana boy to bring you another Mai Tai?  Or is it spending more time with your grand kids – taking them to baseball games and roasting marshmallows by the side of the lake?  Does it mean paring down your belongings and packing whats left in an RV to tour the National Parks and see each oceans coast line?  Why do all of these mental images have me landing at some body of water???  🙂  The point is – retirement means something different to each person.

illinois retirement pension
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For many Americans, retirement is the bright white light at the end of a long dark and damp tunnel.  The end to the means.  The fat gleaming orange carrot and the end of a long shabby thin string.  Two vacation weeks a year to look forward to until you can reach the end of that long long tunnel.  We arrive at the age of 65, or in my generations case, 67, to a land of new opportunity that many are too tired or sick from the past 40 years to even enjoy.  I hope dearly for myself, AND FOR YOU, that this won’t be the case for us…

When I began my career as a flight attendant, I had no idea it would be just that, a career.  I thought I was interviewing for a job I would keep a couple of years but, instead, I stumbled into a career I am now celebrating my 15th year at.  Who knew?  What I hoped for my future at the age of 23 is vastly different from what I hope for now.  The morning my training class found out we were hired was followed by an afternoon of quick fire decisions about our future.  Which roller bag to order?  Which uniform pieces look most flattering (Answer? None.  Seriously.  They were high wasted, pleated, and tapered beige pants.  Awful.).  And sandwhiched between all of those questions was the most important one of our future – Do you want to join the 401K and, if so, how do you want to invest you hard-earned peanut slinging cash?  What?!  Can you ask me about the pants again?  We were young, dumb, and completely unaware that the decisions we made that day would last for years to come…including the pants.  😦

Thankfully, I had the foresight to join our 401K plan.  I also joined the Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) which allows us to purchase shares of our company stock at a 10% discount.  Sweet!  I have no idea what my 401K was initially invested in but several years later I had a financial adviser boyfriend look at it and reallocate everything…I’m guessing that means I had’t done so great on my own.

Years later, when the market crashed in 2008, my then fiance (a Bosnian war refugee) was afraid of the banks melting down (he’d seen it happen in his country) and advised me to move it all of my 401k assets to low risk investments – essentially cash.  By that time the damage was already done and I joined millions in losing a great deal of money…I then further escalated the issue by selling my shares and following his advice, putting it all in cash.  Not smart.  Who is to blame for my investments??  ME!  I left my financial future up to someone else on multiple occasions without doing any research of my own.  I had no idea that when the market goes down you don’t sell.  I had no idea that buying was a better bet.  I was clueless.

clueless animated GIF

In the past few years I, thankfully, have gotten wise.  I am happy to have learned that our company offers a wide array of investment options, including some Vanguard funds to which I am somewhat bias.  I contribute 20% of each paycheck and enjoy a healthy company match of 9.6% of my income.  My company has both a traditional and Roth 401k.  I used to split my contributions between the two but recently switched to investing completely in my traditional 401k.  I am enjoying the benefits of a lower adjusted gross income at the end of the year but am also diversifying by having opened a Roth IRA as well (update – fully funded s of 10/21!).  I figure I can do a conversion later but in the meantime I am enjoying the best of both worlds!  Oh, and I also fully fund my HSA which is known by some to be the Ultimate Retirement Account…just ask the Mad Fientist.

So, now that everything is on the right track – what does my retirement look like?  Well – I want to retire EARLY!!  I have no interest in waiting until 67 years of age to bask in the glow of a healthy financial future.  And though I don’t remember much about that half day in November almost 15 years ago, I did manage to capture one moment of clarity among 4 hours of static…

 As a flight attendant, you can retire with full flight benefits when: Your Age + Years of Service = 65

Well, yippy ki-yay, motherf#&^*%#!  By my calculations, I have a little under 7 more years on the dirty bird to launch myself into retirement bliss…Kinda.  This calculation only works for flight attendant benefits – I still can not take money from my retirement accounts until the age of 59.5 and won’t receive social security benefits until 67.  I can, however, quit my day job and still travel at a highly discounted rate!!  Yeah!!  So, November 2022 is considered Phase 1 of my retirement plan and is entirely accomplished by my years of service.

Phase 2 of my plan has more to do with how much I work and how much I can save between now and 2022.  According to the simple chart below from Mr Money Mustache’s very popular post, The Shockingly Simple Math Behind Early Retirement,  if I can continue to save at my current rate of 75% then I can potentially retire in 6 years (I’ve already started saving so I’m taking liberties and giving myself a year head start!)…oddly, the same time I can retire from my air hostess ways with full flight bennies!!

Borrowed from THIS amazing post by Mr Money Mustache

Now, there are some ins and outs to this type of math and I find it to be a loose assessment of some unforeseen variables, most importantly your health.  Along with that, the market will go up and down, as will your investments.  A 4% withdraw rate assumes a 7% appreciation minus 3% for inflation.  That part I can’t control – but others, I can.  Cost of living is a huge factor as I currently own my condo with no mortgage.  Should that change (and it shortly will – more on that here) my cost of living no doubt will go up.  Hopefully my income and overall lifestyle will remain the same so my savings rate can continue to thrive. In the meantime, I will throw all caution to the wind and run with these numbers…

Phase 1 + Phase 2 = Financial Independence in 2022 at the age of 44!!
Notice I didn’t say “Retire in 2022 at the age of 44″?  Yeah, I have no plans to retire.  My job is easy, pays well, and has great benefits including super health insurance at low rates.  As of now, my airline has no minimum hours that we have to work which is a rarity for the airline industry.  With no minimums it means I can work as little or as much as I want…and I do.  I once took 2.5 years off a and didn’t fly a single trip!  Of course, no minimums could change with our next contract at which point I would have to reevaluate staying on.
But back to the business at hand.  For me, the word “RETIRE” is equal to the phrase FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE”.  Together, they mean having the ability to choose.  To choose to go to work or to choose to go on a trip.  To be able to work in my garden one day and head off on a work trip the next.  Perhaps I could take a volunteer position at an animal shelter and work only on the weekends.  Heck, I might take a year off and drive that aforementioned RV trip from coast to coast.  Who knows?!  For now, the future seems bright.  I realize a lot can happen in the next 6 years but the thought of being able to retire some 20 years before my peers feels insanely agreeable to me at the moment.  🙂
** Have you done the math?  When are you aiming to retire?  What are the biggest factors in your way?  Drop a comment or shoot me an email!  We are all in this together!!  🙂 **

We’re Going Streaking!!!

Well, not that kind of streaking.  You see, habits are as big a part of my life as frugal living is.  Creating good habits is what keeps me on track of my goals. But I don’t do this only for spending. I also do it for health, social, and familial responsibilities as outlined in my 2016 Goals Half Year Review post.   Health wise, I set a few goals this year that I have more or less slid on many occasions – find a work out plan I can stick to, daily stretching (still scratching my head on that one), and getting Bubba out more which in turn gets me out more.  These health goals are important because good health leads to lower medical costs which equals more money saved.  Voilá. So, after reviewing said goals, I figured it is time to revise them to be more concrete and specific.  So, without further ado…


They say it takes 3 weeks to build a habit. Walking has always been something that I love to do so I  didnt imagine this would be a hard habit to build.  Have you ever heard of the Camino De Santago?  If not, it is a 500 mile trek across Spain to Santiago De Compostela.  And I’ve done it – multiple times.  And it is AWESOME…because I LOVE to walk!  Or so I thought…  After dismal numbers at the start of the year (which I blamed on the frigid cold temps) and the equally dismal numbers in the spring (which I blamed on the rainy weather), I had to come to terms with the fact that my long distance walks were not part of my habits so much as they were a vacation choice.  Moving into summer, I realized what I loved even more than walking in this god forsaken Chicago heat is sitting on my couch with my equally unmotivated dog at my feet, in the AC, watching SVU marathons on ION.  🙂  Now that is a habit I need to break!!

So, I made a decision.  Get out and do it.  Be the walker you say you are.  And, as it happens when you finally motivate, last week I checked my phones handy dandy log and found that as of June 1 I have been on track every single day.  10k or more a day!!  Do you know what we call that??  A streak!!  Now, some like to call it a chain, and that’s fine.  I prefer streaking because, let’s face it, the word insights a more exciting approach to my goals. 🙂  In any case, the end result is the same.  You don’t want to break a chain/streak.  You want it to keep building.  There is actual science (and apps) behind this idea.  

Last week I was taken ill with a nasty cold but that did little to deter me from hopping on the treadmill one night to finish up the 3500 steps I hadn’t walked that day. The next day, day 3 of the cold, I found it more difficult to continue but I didn’t want to break the 11 day streak and so I forged on!!  A few days later I was completely healed and many more thousand of steps were behind me.  I was proud I didn’t quit when the going got tough.  This week, sans cold, I have a new obstacle to overcome.  Its 95 degrees and as humid as it can be without raining.  Ugh.  I’ve been going out early with Bubs ad finishing my walking late at night when the sun is down.  But they (whoever “they” is) are right – you will never regret a workout you finished, only the ones you never started.  This may not be a work out, but it is heading in the right direction.  

You see, maybe it isn’t that we can’t succeed with our resolutions – maybe we put too much pressure on ourselves at the start of each shiny brand new year. Why not eaaaasseee into these things and develop the new habits about 6 months in. 😉  So here we are. Day 20. 245,314 steps and counting.  I intend to up my 10K goal to 12k at the beginning of next month in addition to adding a whole new habit to my repertoire.  Wish me luck!!

**What habits are you trying to make or break?  Are any a product of your New Years resolutions?  Let me know what you’ve been up to!  We are all in this together.  ;)**

2016 Goals – Half Year Review

 At the start of the year my brain dumped goals list was as follows (they are in no particular order, mom)…

Now, after the New Years resolution dust has been swept out of my eyes, I have realized my downfall.  Too broad of statements and no real plan of attack.  So lets look at them one by one:

1.  Explore 2 countries – 1/2 CHECK! I have plans to go to Thailand this year so I’ll check half that box off my list.  The second will hopefully pop up at some point as half the year is already over!!

2.  Save 50% of my income – CHECK!  Although, this one throws me because I ever know if that percentage should include my pre tax 401K savings or not so I have been calculating both and I am proud to say my average monthly savings rate is 75.47% not including 401K and 80.36% including 401K savings!  For 401K savings I do not include my company match of 9.6%.  

3.  Spend $1500 or less/month – CHECK!  I had a couple months of drastic fluctuations but my average for January – May is $1434 – so far so good!  

4.  Max out my 401K – omw to CHECK!  I am on track to do that but am unable to do it in advance as doing so I would miss out on the company match!!  So I will have to wait until the end of the year to report back but for now all is grand AND I opened a ROTH IRA and I am planning to max that out as well.  (18K+5500=AWESOME!)

5.  Find a volunteer group Ill stick with – KINDA CHECK. I have tried different things throughout the years but as of yet I have not found the type of group that aligns with my morals, money, and ideals.  I did, however, join my airlines international volunteer group which mixes travel with volunteer and will bring me #1 on this lists destination later this year!  This is a trip I have been wanting to make for ages and am so grateful I was accepted to be part of the program.  More on that later…

6.  Learn more Spanish – FAIL.  I havent so much as tapped my Duo Lingo app in the past 6 months.  Anyone in the Chicago area also learning Spanish?  Contact me to start a tutoring group!  

7.  Visit my grandparents once a month – 1/2 CHECK.  This one is a goal I set a few years ago – the same year my only other goals was to eat one apple a day (though I don’t eat an apple a day, I eat more in the last 2 years than before in my life!).  I have been very good about visiting my Nana monthly, however, my mothers parents I have not.  I will get better at this and plan to see them this week!!

8.  Walk with mom once a month – FAIL.  Mom?!  We try to make plans but between my ever changing schedule and hers (she is WAY more active in retirement than anyone could have thought) it has been difficult.  Mom, if you’re reading, let’s make this happen!

9.  For better relationships with family – Work in Progress.  Too broad but I know the people I’m referring to and will put forth a greater effort.  

10.  Find a work out plan and stick with it  – well, yeah – FAIL!  That hasn’t happened.  Bitching about the 5lbs I seem to have put on after mexico in APRIL(!) seems to be getting in the way of actually trying to work it off! 😉

11.  Daily stretching – WTF  Who came up with this stuff?!  I mean, I know the importance but why would I add it to a major goals list?  I probably saw a Dateline or something when writing this list!

12.  Get Bubba out more – KINDA CHECK.  Now that the arctic chill has left I have been doing that…until this week when the devils heat came tearing through.  Its like a sauna out there!

13.  Read more – CHECK!  Have you seen my list of blogs to the right?  That s just a sampling of what I read in any given day.  I also read money mags, finance books, and listen to finance podcasts ( technically not reading but being able to learn whole I drive is groovy.).

14.  Work 100 hours a month – CHECK!  I made up a couple hours last month from when I slacked in April.

So that’s it – overall not bad but  I could be doing better with the social aspects of my goals.   I tend to focus on accumulation and not growth – not great when you’re talking money OR relationships.  You need both to thrive.  Who cares how much you have if it isn’t being invested?  Who cares how many friends you have if they aren’t the type who make your life better and more enriching and you the same for them.  FB “friend” and “like” hoarders, I am talking to you!!

So get out there and clean up your goals (and friends) list and see whats left.  Narrow things down so they are easier to accomplish and complete.  I have 6 more months to make these things happen.  Stay tuned!

** What did your 2016 goal list look like?  Have you accomplished anything or, like me, are you just starting to focus your efforts?  Let me know where you’re at!  Maybe we can help to motivate each other.  🙂 **

Borrowing from your 401K?!?!

STOPPPPPP!!!!  Dont do it!!!  Those are the words that were screaming in my head when She asked me that question.  The question that made me realize my help was needed on a broader scale than what I had imagined.  The question that made me realize that not everyone has the time or desire to read Money magazine, the financial sections of newspapers, read all about early retirement on countless FI blogs, and listen to Motley Fool podcasts, .  WHAT A DRAG!  😉

SO, here we were cruising at altitude and chatting about 401K options.  A nice conversation between two people who met 30 minutes prior.  That’s how it is in my world.  We get on a plane, strap into our seats, and peoples deepest darkest secrets come spilling out.  It’s like 2:30 am at a bar – the night isn’t ending as planned and so it takes a devastating turn towards Disasterville with a round of shots followed by a 1 hour binge cry on the last man in your life who so obviously ruined everything.  No, I haven’t been that girl but I have coaxed quite a few of my friends into cabs at 3 am.  In my profession,  I think we do this to ignore the subconscious thought to the back of our heads flight after flight – what if this is the one?  The flight that goes awry?  These therapy sessions are needed like a last minute confessional.  Rid your body and mind of what has been bothering you so we can go into the next phase unencumbered.  This girl, She, was encumbered with the thought of taking a 401k loan…seriously, deep and dark shit!

Once the screaming reflex quieted in my head, I was able to calmly relay why the thought of a 401k loan is a terrible idea.  Besides the obvious fact that a retirement fund is for RETIREMENT, there are other factors that seem to get lost in the idea that” it’s your money and you can spend it how you please”.  While that may be true, in some part, there are other factors to consider.

First off, do you have a traditional 401k or Roth 401k.  Different strokes for different folks 401k’s.  Let’s stick with the traditional 401k for this conversation.

The second issue is how much are you looking to borrow?  The IRS sets some limits as to what you can take from “your” money.  Here it is, straight from the horses mouth…

The maximum amount that the plan can permit as a loan is (1) the greater of $10,000 or 50% of your vested account balance, or (2) $50,000, whichever is less.”

For example, if you have $153,627.25 (just a random possibly personal number) and want to take out the max loan, you may only take out $50k.  If you have 40k in your plan, the max you can take out is 20k.  Not all companies allow 401k loans (ours unfortunately does) and the funds you are taking out must be vested (our vesting period is 5 years).  We can go on and on about more ins and outs but it is best to contact your companies benefits department directly and/or the IRS for more exact terms and information.  

Now before you get excited, remember that this is only a LOAN!!  It must be paid back in a specific amount of time and loan payments are not contributions…which brings me to the most important part of this equations – compound interest, or lack thereof.  

The 3rd reason and MY #1 reason to sway a doe eyed flight attendant away from this easy to reach bag of cash, is what they would be losing as apposed to gaining.  Sure, 20k seems like a quick paycheck for whatever nonsense you’re looking to purchase, but is losing $$131,000 worth it???  Let’s look at some quick math done by the fine folks at Money magazine circa August 2014 (sourcing Wealth Management Systems).  

There was a reason I cut this out and added it to my folder of grand financial ideas – you cant argue with the numbers!!  If you can keep yourself from “needing” this 20k now, in 20 years (assuming a beginning balance of 250k) you will have $1,528,000!!  On the other hand, if you decide to take the easy route of borrowing the 20k AND no longer adding extra contributions to your account in favor of paying back your loan, you will only have $1397000 at the end of the 20 years.  :((  Major saddy face.  That means that your 20k, with the magical help of compound interest, was able to grow and snowball simply because it was still accounted for.  Your little money soldiers were out doing their job and recruiting more bucks!!

Now, I am not saying there is never a good reason to tap into your 401k.  There are.  Health issues being a major one or perhaps loss of a job without an emergency fund.  For all other reasons, make sure you have done your due diligence and exhausted all other options before doing so.  Equity lines of credit, personal loans from family and friends, another job to add income… and, in the end, ask yourself if this purchase is really necessary.  If it is for a shiny new car, a bigger grander house, or a new set of boobs (we see that a lot in my industry! ;)) then it is possible you may want to reevaluate the difference between wants and needs.  Is keeping up with the Kardashians really worth $131,000??  After my spelling it out, She did’t think so.

** SOOOO, have you ever taken a 401k loan?  No judgement!!  Feel free to leave a comment and let us know how it turned out for you.  The more real life experience we hear the better for anyone to make a qualified decision should they be tempted.  🙂 **

Just DO it…

So, I sort of introduced myself the other day but I feel like my motivation for writing this blog may not have been construed properly – so let me give it another go. You see, this isn’t my first rodeo…
My first blog was littlebrickranch.com and focused on our (my then husband and I’s) newly purchased (completely outdated) 1950s brick ranch. I wrote about our many home improvements, frugal quick fixes, recipes, and the huge organic vegetable square foot garden that I built and nourished until it could nourish us. It was grand…and then, just as quickly, it wasn’t. Managing the blog (I posted 5x – week), all the home improvements, the garden, and still maintaining a full time job was time-consuming – but don’t get me wrong, I loved it!  Living a full life – seeing things grow which I had planted, being busy…It gave me purpose.
When the blog started to grow to a wider audience, I realized I was helping people who were going through similar projects and experiences. I was making friends with other lifestyle bloggers.  I felt like everything in my life was in an upswing…well, except one thing…
The marriage wasn’t working.
My husband and I had some major disagreements when it came to our future – things I thought had been worked out prior to the wedding day. But, as many know, things change and people change and soon I found myself leaving the house and my husband behind.
Once I moved out, I realized I no longer lived in a little brick ranch, I no longer had a garden, and I no longer had the life that I had been writing about. My entire existence had changed and, in turn, my writing came to an abrupt halt.  I went into survival mode.  I had moved back to the building I had lived in prior to my marriage. A small studio in the city became my new home (for the second time).  I figured if I was going to get back on my feet, I had to be where the action was. Where I could meet new friends and be outdoors.  When I finally settled in, I took a lot of time to figure out what my next steps would be. Without the house, the garden, and my blog, where would I focus this new windfall of time I had?  If I decided to start over, what would I write about?  The thought completely overwhelmed me.  Actually, anything in those first six+ months was overwhelming.  I had uprooted my life and everything that had been familiar. Thank god for that condo (and Bubba :)) as it was the only thing somewhat familiar to me. But when I thought about writing, to begin with a new base and work it up again, all I can say is that I was tortured by the idea!
And so I quit. 
It took me a few years to get the urge to write again. As quickly as it had left, it finally reemerged like a groundhog looking for its shadow.  And when it I did, I realized I had lost my focus. I wanted to write about travel, I wanted to write about money, I wanted to write about my frugal lifestyle and my drive to financial independence. I wanted to write about it all!!!  And so I didn’t. 😉   I figured I needed to zone in on one little niche to get things going. I thought up ideas and bought numerous blog names and wrote nothing!  My head was churning but the jumbled up strings of thought were in an endless knot – similar to last years Christmas lights.
Then, last week, something shifted. If you weren’t already aware, I am a flight attendant. I work in an industry dominated by woman and quite a few who choose this as their lifetime careers – we started young and just kept on going. I work at a great airline who treats us good and gives us many financial benefits including profit sharing and a hefty 9.6% 401k match…yes, and free flights!  I know – it’s amazing!!!  Anywho, I was working with a girl who knew me by reputation as “the girl who knows about financial stuff”.  I’m not sure who she heard that from or why, but it wasn’t surprising. I talk to a lot of people at work about finances because many are unaware of just how fabulous our benefits are.  So, this girl was curious about our 401k and what I had invested in. We chatted for a bit about the options our company gives us and then she looked at me and sheepishly asked, “is it really that bad to take a loan on your 401k?”  
And there it was. My purpose reignited. 
So here we are again. The urge to write is ever present and it seems I have gained a bit more control over my focus.  I love to talk finance and help others but in no way am I an expert on the matter – I only know where I started, where I stumbled, and where I am today.  If that helps one person, I will be thrilled!  Don’t get me wrong, I still have a ton of non finance related ideas that ,I want to write about but after much reflection, I realize that is not such a bad problem to have.  Similar to my first post, I feel like I have to stop thinking about it and just jump in and do it. Stop thinking and start writing!!  The rest will happen from organically from there…I hope!
Stay tuned for my answer to her hair-raising question…
*** So what are you known as at work or in your family?  I’m also known as “the girl who always brings a food bag” and “the girl who walks across Spain” so I get random questions from people I don’t know quite often!  🙂 ***
Until next time…

Ding Dong…

My mom likes to remind me of the time she heard the doorbell ring one afternoon.  She hadn’t been expecting anyone and was shocked to find me on the front stoop reciting my pitch to sell her the “worlds most beautiful” wrapping paper.  I was 4.  Who better to hustle with my tiny voice and big ambitions than my mom?!


Apparently, my older sister was supposed to be raising money for some extracurricular outlet of hers and I had decided I could do the same and perhaps keep the cash.  I don’t remember any of this, but looking back over all the jobs I have had since, it certainly doesn’t surprise me.  Where did this idea come from?  That excitement to make money…was it in me since I was born or did it grow with me from outside influences?  What did I plan to do with my hard-earned cash?  I wasn’t into Barbie’s and too young to care about travel and clothes…what was my purpose?  All these years later I couldn’t begin to tell you, but I do know that my entrepreneurial endeavors did not stop with the wrapping paper.  

But before we dig deeper, let me first take this opportunity to ring your doorbell and introduce myself.

Hello, my name is Miss Mazuma…

Would you like to buy the worlds most beautiful wrapping paper??  If so, you’re in the wrong place!  I would never pay good money for paper to be wrapped (and shortly discarded) around the already thoughtful gesture of a gift….I use recycled newspaper for that!

Remember when you were taught that it’s what is on the inside that counts?  A gift is a perfect example of that – as is your wallet.  The most beautiful hand crafted expensive leather wallet means zilch when you have no cash to fill it with.  So no, I don’t want to sell you any wrapping paper.  But, what I would like to sell to you is an idea.  The idea that our lives can be so much better and more enriching than the day-to-day rat race that most Americans endure.  That living paycheck to paycheck is the quickest way to dig your own financial grave.  That even if you are in debt, and the walls seem to be crashing down around you, there is still hope.  And what makes me the authority on debt recovering optimism?  I’ve been there.

3 years ago I was in the process of a divorce, living in my soon to be 3rd short sale condo, and recovering from the complete loss of my savings.  For a girl who had never missed a payment carrying a 820 credit score, of which I was very proud, to lose it all was a bummer.  A core shaking, future disrupting, and lifestyle busting bummer.  But I got through it…and you can too.

Today, 5 years after my life went off course, my finances are back to where I was before that little detour.  It wasn’t easy – I definitely made a few lifestyle changes – but it can be done.  You can still pull yourself up and out and make a better life for yourself beyond what you can imagine.  It takes time and perseverance but it IS possible.

Now that we have officially met, I hope you will stick around.  I would love to share with you how I recovered, where I am at now, and what I am doing with my time these days and I promise to be completely transparent in the process (though my name/face must remain anonymous due to my companies social media policy).  My goal is to discuss my path to future financial independence ( 2022!!), my tiny house living, side gigs and hustles, adventures in travelling, and outings with my best pup friend, Bubba.  Though she doesn’t know much about money and finance, she sure is motivated by what money can buy – food!

WE hope to see you back here soon!!

** Did you ever sell something door to door??  What was it?  How old were you?  Do you remember what you spent the dough on?  Feel free to leave a comment and introduce yourself!  I’d love to hear about your early ventures.  🙂 **

Until next time…

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