Ding Dong…

My mom likes to remind me of the time she heard the doorbell ring one afternoon.  She hadn’t been expecting anyone and was shocked to find me on the front stoop reciting my pitch to sell her the “worlds most beautiful” wrapping paper.  I was 4.  Who better to hustle with my tiny voice and big ambitions than my mom?!

Apparently, my older sister was supposed to be raising money for some extracurricular outlet of hers and I had decided I could do the same and perhaps keep the cash.  I don’t remember any of this, but looking back over all the jobs I have had since, it certainly doesn’t surprise me.  Where did this idea come from?  That excitement to make money…was it in me since I was born or did it grow with me from outside influences?  What did I plan to do with my hard-earned cash?  I wasn’t into Barbie’s and too young to care about travel and clothes…what was my purpose?  All these years later I couldn’t begin to tell you, but I do know that my entrepreneurial endeavors did not stop with the wrapping paper.  
But before we dig deeper, let me first take this opportunity to ring your doorbell and introduce myself.

Hello, my name is Miss Mazuma…

Would you like to buy the worlds most beautiful wrapping paper??  If so, you’re in the wrong place!  I would never pay good money for paper to be wrapped (and shortly discarded) around the already thoughtful gesture of a gift….I use recycled newspaper for that!

Remember when you were taught that it’s what is on the inside that counts?  A gift is a perfect example of that – as is your wallet.  The most beautiful handcrafted expensive leather wallet means zilch when you have no cash to fill it with.  So no, I don’t want to sell you any wrapping paper.  But, what I would like to sell to you is an idea.  The idea that our lives can be so much better and more enriching than the day-to-day rat race that most Americans endure.  That living paycheck to paycheck is the quickest way to dig your own financial grave.  That even if you are in debt, and the walls seem to be crashing down around you, there is still hope.  And what makes me the authority on debt recovering optimism?  I’ve been there.

3 years ago I was in the process of a divorce, living in my soon to be 3rd short sale condo, and recovering from the complete loss of my savings.  For a girl who had never missed a payment carrying an 820 credit score (of which I was very proud) to lose it all was a bummer.  A core shaking, future disrupting, and lifestyle busting bummer.

But I got through it…and you can too.

Today, 5 years after my life went off course, my finances are back to where I was before that little detour…my FICO score is also up to a decent 780!  It wasn’t easy – I definitely made a few lifestyle changes – but it can be done.  You can still pull yourself up and out and make a better life for yourself beyond what you can imagine.  It takes time and perseverance but it IS possible.

Now that we have officially met, I hope you will stick around.  I would love to share with you how I recovered, where I am at now, and what I am doing with my time these days and I promise to be completely transparent in the process (though my name/face must remain anonymous due to my companies social media policy).  My goal is to discuss my path to financial independence (FI), my tiny house living, side gigs and hustles, adventures in travel, and outings with my best pup, Bubba.  Though she doesn’t know much about money and finance, she sure is motivated by what money can buy – food!

We hope to see you back here soon!!


** Did you ever sell something door to door??  What was it?  How old were you?  Do you remember what you spent the dough on?  Feel free to leave a comment and introduce yourself!  I’d love to hear about your early ventures.  🙂 **

Until next time…

8 thoughts on “Ding Dong…

  1. I was the neighborhood door to door sales queen. Girl Scout cookies, wrapping paper, candy…you name it. I sold it. Nice to see another Chicago resident taking up some space in this personal finance world. Found you through Rockstar Finance and I’m glad that I did.


    1. That’s awesome!! I so badly wanted to be a girl scout JUST to sell cookies…my mom didn’t take the bait.

      I’m happy to see another Chicago gal here as well! In fact, we have a meet up group via Rockstar Finance Forums that meets every other month if you ever want to join us. I am the unofficial leader of the group and all announcements go out on the forum. Check it out! 🙂


          1. I really want to go but my budget is telling me no. However, my bank account says I could do it if I wanted to. If you read my blog you will quickly see that listening to my budget is not a strength.


            1. Haha! I’ll definitely hop over and check it out. I wouldn’t be able to justify the cost at this point. I bought when the ticket prices were super low. Last year I struggled with the idea of going and decided against. This year I planned in advance. Maybe you are being called for next year? If so, get a jump on ticket prices when they are announced. And if you DO go this year, message me and I’ll tell you where to meet us!


  2. I love great comeback stories. That is the beautiful thing about living in America. It doesn’t really matter who, what, where, or why you came from where you were. If you are determined to make a success out of yourself, and ready to apply a ton of action toward your dreams, you can become whoever you want to become. Way to dream, plan, and fight for your comeback story, and actually make it happen!


    1. Thanks, Doll! We are very lucky to have been born here, for sure. I am inspired everyday by many of the stories I read and the people I surround myself with. Thank you for being one of those people!! 🙂


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