2016 Goals – Half Year Review

 At the start of the year, my brain dumped goals list was as follows (they are in no particular order, mom)…

Now, after the New Years resolution dust has been swept out of my eyes, I have realized my downfall.  Too broad of statements and no real plan of attack.  So let’s look at them one by one:
1.  Explore 2 countries – 1/2 CHECK! I have plans to go to Thailand this year so I’ll check half that box off my list.  The second will hopefully pop up at some point as half the year is already over!!2.  Save 50% of my income – CHECK!  Although, this one throws me because I ever know if that percentage should include my pre-tax 401K savings or not so I have been calculating both and I am proud to say my average monthly savings rate is 75.47% not including 401K and 80.36% including 401K savings!  For 401K savings, I do not include my company match of 9.6%.  

3.  Spend $1500 or less/month – CHECK!  I had a couple months of drastic fluctuations but my average for January – May is $1434 – so far so good!  

4.  Max out my 401K – omw to CHECK!  I am on track to do that but am unable to do it in advance as doing so I would miss out on the company match!!  So I will have to wait until the end of the year to report back but for now, all is grand AND I opened a ROTH IRA and I am planning to max that out as well.  (18K + 5500=AWESOME!)

5.  Find a volunteer group I’ll stick with – KINDA CHECK. I have tried different things throughout the years but as of yet, I have not found the type of group that aligns with my morals, money, and ideals.  I did, however, join an international volunteer group loosely associated with my airline which mixes travel with volunteer and will bring me #1 on this lists destination later this year!  This is a trip I have been wanting to make for ages and am so grateful I was accepted to be part of the program.  More on that later…

6.  Learn more Spanish – FAIL.  I haven’t so much as tapped my Duo Lingo app in the past 6 months.  Anyone in the Chicago area also learning Spanish?  Contact me to start a tutoring group!  

7.  Visit my grandparents once a month – 1/2 CHECK.  This one is a goal I set a few years ago – the same year my only other goals was to eat one apple a day (though I don’t eat an apple a day, I eat more in the last 2 years than before in my life!).  I have been very good about visiting my Nana monthly, however, my mother’s parents I have not.  I will get better at this and plan to see them this week!!

8.  Walk with mom once a month – FAIL.  Mom?!  We try to make plans but between my ever-changing schedule and hers (she is WAY more active in retirement than anyone could have thought) it has been difficult.  Mom, if you’re reading, let’s make this happen!

9.  For better relationships with family – Work in Progress.  Too broad but I know the people I’m referring to and will put forth a greater effort.  

10.  Find a workout plan and stick with it  – well, yeah – FAIL!  That hasn’t happened.  Bitching about the 5lbs I seem to have put on after Mexico in APRIL(!) seems to be getting in the way of actually trying to work it off! 😉

11.  Daily stretching – WTF  Who came up with this stuff?!  I mean, I know the importance but why would I add it to a major goals list?  I probably saw a Dateline or something when writing this list!

12.  Get Bubba out more – KINDA CHECK.  Now that the arctic chill has left I have been doing that…until this week when the devil’s heat came tearing through.  It’s like a sauna out there!

13.  Read more – CHECK!  Have you seen my list of blogs to the right?  That s just a sampling of what I read on any given day.  I also read money mags, finance books, and listen to finance podcasts ( technically not reading but being able to learn while I drive is groovy.).

14.  Work 100 hours a month – CHECK!  I made up a couple hours last month from when I slacked in April.

So that’s it – overall not bad but  I could be doing better with the social aspects of my goals.   I tend to focus on accumulation and not growth – not great when you’re talking money OR relationships.  You need both to thrive.  Who cares how much you have if it isn’t being invested?  Who cares how many friends you have if they aren’t the type who make your life better and more enriching and you the same for them.  FB “friend” and “like” hoarders, I am talking to you!!

So get out there and clean up your goals (and friends) list and see whats left.  Narrow things down so they are easier to accomplish and complete.  I have 6 more months to make these things happen.  Stay tuned!

** What did your 2016 goal list look like?  Have you accomplished anything or, like me, are you just starting to focus your efforts?  Let me know where you’re at!  Maybe we can help to motivate each other.  🙂 **

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