Thanks, Money Gods!

One of my money mantras that I constantly repeat to others is simple yet effective:

So in following this, whenever I see a penny on the ground I pick it up. Not only do I pick it up but I also say “thank you” out loud and in earnest.  Of course, if it’s a nickel, dime, or quarter my “thank you” is at a higher decibel and excitement level.  It may be embarrassing to those around me but I don’t much care – this is my form of gratitude to the Money Gods and it feels important to show my appreciation out loud…and let me tell ya, it works!  Tonight they showed THEIR appreciation for MY appreciation by putting me in the way of this little green monster…
Bubbas paws – not mine. 😉


Um – yeah – I let out a little whoop!

And this isn’t the only 10 spot I found this summer. A few weeks back after a long and grueling hot hike, I spotted another $10 while crossing the street. Similar to today’s, it was sitting there as if it had been placed just for me!  How exciting!!

So there it is…Be grateful for each and every cent and you will be rewarded with money from the sky.

**  Have you found any bonus money lately?  Do you have a money mantra or ritual you follow?  Drop a line and share your story! ** 

Until next time…

2 thoughts on “Thanks, Money Gods!

  1. I love that – Your niece is quite cheeky! Since I was a little girl I always looked down so I could find change. My mom was always telling me to look up! One day it paid off when I found $40 on the ground at a Joan Baez concert. We were there with family and my mom made me pay for ice cream for everyone. I was so upset! Obviously…I still remember it 30 years later! 😜 Haha!

    Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment. Good luck on your search and keep your head down…except when crossing streets. 😉


  2. About a year ago my niece, as a joke, gifted me a little ceramic jar with a hobo on the lid labeled “retirement fund.” Since then, every time I find a coin on my walks or jogs I pop it into the jar. My wife and I jokingly dream about the day we will graduate from finding “coinage” to “billage.” My take for the last twelve months has been $3.80. Fun little game.

    I'm enjoying reading through your blog. Best of luck on your quest!



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