Exposing Your Financial Self to Morph and Spread Your Wings

I did it!!  Not only did I continue my 10K steps a day streak every day in June, but I pushed on to July and bumped it up to 12k a day and so far I am still on track!!  I have NEVER been able to keep up with a set fitness regimen (I realize walking is the bare minimum form of exercise but it’s a start! Baby steps, people!) no matter how big or small it was so why did I succeed in keeping the streak (or chain as the lame people say) going this time?  What key ingredient did I add to the recipe for success that was lacking before? 

Make your challenge public.

For many this is a difficult concept – being raw and naked to the outside world is something we rarely do…unless you’re these people…

Very brave…and a bit awkward…

But for the rest of us, we tend to cocoon ourselves in our miseries in favor of being exposed to the unfiltered world of criticism.  There are so many ways I see this apparent in the world around me.  Whether you are hiding from your finances, health issues, job troubles, or relationship woes – they are all cocoons we have settled into so we don’t have to solve the underlying issues.  But a cocoon is a very sad place to be – it is dark, lonely, and let’s face it, probably doesn’t smell very good.

So, let’s focus on our financial selves.  I did a HUGE thing a few weeks back and posted my net worth for the world to see.  Oh my god was that a tough post to write…let alone publish!!  Then, to add insult to injury, I joined the Million Dollar Club at Budgets are Sexy which parlayed J. Money to add me to his Net Worth of Personal Finance Bloggers (#105 Woot!) list at his awesome site, Rockstar Finance, therefore exposing me to an exponential amount of criticism – more than my little blog could ever muster on its own…and do you know what happened?  Nothing.  Not a thing.  Well, that’s not true actually, nothing negative happened.  Instead, I was pleased to find the support of other bloggers, non bloggers, and even J. Money himself, all doing there part to help a fellow part of their community succeed.  And that is the key…

Find your community.

If you are suffering financially – reach out to others who have been in your position and came out ahead.  Go to the library and pick up a few books on personal finance.  Start reading finance blogs such as this one (or check the sidebar to the right for some of my favorites. 😉 ).  Go to the comments sections and see what others have written.  Follow up with people who have commented and ask them for advice.  Even if you are alone in your home realize that you are never alone with the internet.  Start networking…but, remember…

UP YOUR AVERAGE!!  It is OK for you to be at the bottom of those 5 people – it will help to motivate you, but, for the love of god, if you find yourself at the top it’s time to move on and find a new group.  Do not commiserate with people who are going to bring you down.  You want a reason to emerge from what you are going through – not be thwarted into staying.  Remember – misery LOVES company…find people who love happiness instead.

All of the above applies to those other aspects of our lives such as job, health, and relationship issues.  Take a few small steps to make your life better.


Break free, dear friends!  It may take baby steps, but even caterpillars emerge from their cocoons as beautiful butterflies!

Until next time…


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