Be Where You Are…

I apologize for my absence in the past week or so.  I have been on a whirlwind tour of Washington DC (more on that soon!) and then on to a weekend wedding out of state.  Though my intentions were to build up posts ahead of time I sadly fell short of reaching that goal.  Not to worry – I am back and ready to share what has been on my mind…

Whether physically or mentally, many people have a problem living in the moment.  We are always looking ahead to what is to come or sometimes behind to what once was.   Is yesterday so much better than today?  Will tomorrow be more exciting than today?  Why is it so difficult to Be Where You Are??

I developed this live in the moment mantra many years ago.  It first started as a way to keep the boys I nannied for interested in the projects in front of them.  The focus helped them finish their chores more quickly so they could play sooner.  Since then, my mantra has evolved to the more modern times of schooling my mother on her FB addiction.  She is constantly on her damn phone in spirit while her body is in front of me in person.  Hello, Mother??  She is missing precious time with her kids, grandkids, and parents in an effort to update the 300 people who aren’t in front of her on what she is half doing in the present…when did the script flip??  And this weekend I was reminded of it shortly after watching a newly married couple walk down the aisle – the question I heard asked was, “When are you two having kids?”  WTF?!  Let them have a honeymoon first!!

Though I was 99% sure I made the mantra up on my own – google has corrected me in saying it was Buddha who first spoke those luminous words of enlightenment…huh…well, he probably got it from me.  😉  Either way, today I am reminded of the importance of that mantra and what it means not to my physical self but to my mental state…
With my goal of financial independence in the next 6 years (2022 Woot!!), every day I feel the pressure of contributing to that goal.  As if the things I do today will catapult me through space and time to 6 years from now…but they won’t.  Time and making good choices will get me there but waiting is the part of the equation that I can not change.  Until then, I need to be happy with where I am today.  So indulge me for a minute…

Image result for calendar with today Today I am one step closer than yesterday.  Today I am giant leaps closer than I was 3 years ago.  Looking back at those times makes me very grateful for where I stand in my road to recovery from my financial breakdown and to the road ahead paved with gold platinum.  🙂  I am very proud of where I am now.  I have learned to trust in my ability to overcome financial barriers and successfully work past them.  I have been at the bottom before and I have always climbed to the top.  Today I know that tomorrow I will be one step closer and 3 years from now I will be 3 years closer.  I don’t have to worry about the downfalls that may arise.  I am a seasoned veteran of ups and downs.  I will take it in stride and continue my slow (but sure) path to financial independence.  I don’t need to worry that tomorrow will unfold…it will.  I can take solace in that.  I can free my thoughts to focus on today and today only.

Wow – that felt good.  Stand in the moment – stand in your truth.  Looking back should be a mere glance in the rearview mirror – not a stare.  Don’t crush your dreams today for your mistakes from yesterday.  Learn from them and move on.  On the other hand, don’t be so focused on the road ahead that you forget to turn for the curves. Life isn’t meant to go in a straight line.  There will be ups downs, lefts and rights, and many detours along the way.  Those are the best parts if you are in the right frame of mind!

** So, where are you right now?  Are you mentally in the same place you are physically standing?  Are you taking time to enjoy the little victories on your financial path or smell the flowers on the physical path?  What is your mantra for staying in the moment? **

Until next time…

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