FI Just Got a Few Days Further Away…

My muffler decided to jump ship…and she did it in the most gruesome of ways…

FullSizeRender (2)
I’m No Mechanic But Something Looks Awry…

I had big plans today – start with a solid block of lounging and  Below Deck reruns followed by a 2-minute drive to my new office to crank out a few posts (my bike sprung a flat yesterday).  Of course, being easily swayed, all that changed when I was distracted by a phone call from mom with the enticing offer of a sushi lunch with The Fab 6.

Not at all similar to the Fab 4, my mom’s group is comprised of my Aunts, Grandma, and Great Aunt.  They have a nice little system going – the ladies get together once a month at a restaurant of one of their choosing.  They go in a rotation and whoever’s month it is chooses the restaurant and picks up the entire tab.  This month, my Grandma choose sushi and I got the last minute invite to attend.  YES!!  My favorite  Asian cuisine and it’s gratis??  Sign me up!!  Uh huh…Life had other plans…

Whilst on my way to the restaurant my car decided to take a shit.  Yes – a big steaming dump all over my sunshiny day.  First, she sounded a little throaty.  I thought, OK, that’s normal, she’s old!  Within minutes she started to growl.  I pulled over to get some gas and do a bit of inspecting…and there it was.  Hanging from my car like a date after 1 too many cocktails – passed out and disconnected from the world – my muffler swung loosely from side to side.  What a bummer!!

FullSizeRender (1)
Groovy Car But Not a Normal Angle For Muffy

Two things crossed my mind at this point – 1.  This is going to cost me.  2.  There goes my free sushi lunch!!  I’m not sure which was more disappointing.  I realize the muffler would cost more than a sushi lunch, however, in this instant gratification world we live in the thing most dear to you is the one you would give anything to have.  And I want my effing SUSHI!!!  Ugh…

SO here I am…at the library.  Conveniently located 1/2 a mile from the auto shop, I walked straight over to begin this post.  I made a declaration yesterday that I would ignore distractions and start using my new office in an effort to be more productive.  Day 1 and already I was slacking with cable TV and visions of sushi dancing through my head.  “NOT SO FAST”, said Life.  “You made your intentions public and I am holding you to them.”

And, just like that, Life has become my silent accountabilibuddy.

I would also like to send a shout out to the St. Alexander Parish, which I passed on my walk to the Library, for the sign outside their church:

FullSizeRender (3).jpg
Gracias, mis amigos, por el recodatorio!  🙂


It couldn’t have come at a better time.

SO what have we learned here today?  Do not make your intentions public unless you plan to follow through with them.  There are signs EVERYWHERE.  And, if you slack on your public intentions, plan to spend $438.61 on a new muffler/exhaust pipe sans SUSHI!  Lunch just got real…

Until next time…

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