Cutting Cable, Tiny Homes, and Frugal Fatigue – Weekly RoundUp

After last weekends heavy topic, I took a few days off writing to reflect and gather my thoughts.  I’ve also spent some time commenting on others posts.  Commenting is one of my favorite parts of blogging because it makes the whole process seem so much more interactive than when I am writing and it’s all about me, me, me.  I love the interaction when we are able to comment back and forth.

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So thanks to my fellow FI bloggers, this week I have been mulling over a few thoughts.  Here are the top three that got me thinkin’…and drinkin’…

1. Pulling the plug on cable.  J. Money at Budgets are Sexy posted about this and it got me all fired up!  Cutting the cable cord is something I have been working on for months but have yet to accomplish.  Every time I call, Comcast tells me it is cheaper to keep cable with my internet.  WTF.  I get flyers every week from RCN that their cable only package is $39/month.  I’ve used this in my negotiations with Comcast but they aren’t budging.  Since I plan to move in the next few months there is no sense in switching to RCN because then I would have to pay an install fee as well.  I’m stuck with Comcast for now…even if I am only home 6 nights per month.  😦

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2. Distilled Dollar talked about living big in a tiny home.  I have written this post over and over again but have yet to publish it.  First off, I LOVE my tiny space.  I live in a studio and it is the ideal amount of space for a single person and their dog.  Because I bought my place in cash, my cost of living is ridiculously low…I pay $266.36 a month for assessments, taxes, and insurance.  That being said, the location itself is less than ideal for me these days.  As I mentioned before, I only spent 6 nights at my place last month.  This month I will spend even less.  For 6 nights, the cost is $41/night at face value but then I have to add on the internet (and fucking cable!!), gas, electric…the grand total average per month is $395 and some change…$65/night!  Great price, BUUUUUTTTT – it still isn’t ideal.  My dog is old and getting older.  She is not a fan of the 3 flights of stairs to get to our little penthouse in the sky.  We’ve developed a system for her disdain.  At the first floor landing, I call her up and wait.  By the time she gets to that landing I am on the second and telling her she will get treats to come up.  By floor 3 she likes to take a little nap while contemplating her next move.  Not until she hears me shake the treat jar from my place does she bother to motivate for that last flight.  Its pitiful and manipulative but it happens every time…I’m just not sure who is manipulating who!  Anyway, I want a place for her to not have to struggle.  For me to be able to grow a garden, and perhaps even have parking at any time of the day or night.  Simple things but huge for my quality of life.  I am currently #4 on the wait list to rent my place out.  What will happen when I hit #1???

Bubba with wig.JPG
You want me to walk up how many stairs???

3. Tonya at Budget and The Beach wrote about losing the fear which was her motivator to save.  This is so me!!  As I wrote in the comments, “I’m totally in the same position! After my divorce and the loss of my house and income properties, I was a wreck financially. It motivated me to rebuild the financial buffer I once had. Now that I’m back to where I was I don’t have the same drive”.  I need a new motivator.  I am averaging a 75% savings rate.  What more could one ask for, right?!  But without a goal, I have lost the joy in it.  Someone recently called it Frugal Fatigue.  I have it.  I can and will continue to be frugal, but the same things that pushed me before don’t push me now.  My credit score is back up (not entirely, but close), my emergency fund is funded in full and then some, I’m on my way to max out my retirement accounts, and my home is paid off.  The new challenge is finding a new challenge to keep me motivated.  I would love to make more but flying more isn’t an option.  So what kind of side gig can I find that is as flexible as my current job but pays well enough that I don’t feel like I am selling myself short by not flying.  Ugh…still working on it.

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So, as you can see, my mind has jumped all over the place this week.  I have also been in Jacksonville Florida for the past few days accompanying my BF on his work trip.  The weather has been rainy but it didn’t stop me from grabbing 9 geocaches this afternoon!  Yeah, I crushed it.  Other than that (and the mulling), a lot of time has been spent watching Sex and The City reruns and eating free food…all the chips and Choco Tacos I can stomach!!  Conventions are grand!!  But, let’s face it, I think it’s time to get back to the real world. 😉

So what did you learn this week?  Did you comment on anything?  Feel free to comment here!  🙂

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Cutting Cable, Tiny Homes, and Frugal Fatigue – Weekly RoundUp

  1. Sounds like your itching for a place to put your hard earned savings – maybe save towards an investment property? or my personal favourite – buy shares! Building yourself a little empire of multiple income streams is fun, I’m sure it’ll pick your financial motivation right back up 🙂

    Also, I cannot get enough of Sex and The City reruns.. Also Friends.. They are my comfort tv shows forever.



    1. Haha – I have the box set of SATC and STILL watch it every time it is on TV!! 🙂

      As for the motivation, Im not sure what else to do. I have my 401K, Roth IRA, HSA, and investment accounts nicely funded. But they are only growing to the amount that I work each month. I think I need to get a side gig. I love my job but travelling nonstop is not a great quality of life for me or my pup who cant come with me. Since I only get paid once a month I miss the instant gratification that comes along with working and being paid for that immediate work. I have been working on a few ideas for Etsy shops but have not stuck to anything just yet… I’m so close!!!

      Thanks for popping in to comment and I am sorry for the late reply…for some reason WP is delivering my comment emails to spam. 🙂


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