Why Beyoncé is The Queen B

I don’t listen to Beyoncé.  I have nothing against her, per se, I just don’t actively go out and purchase her music.  That being said, I don’t exactly hide from it either.  I think she is a talented lady, a very powerful businesswoman, and has some super catchy tunes ta boot!  But that isn’t the point I wish to make.  This is…

Image result for you have the same amount of hours in a day as beyonce

BOOM.  While scrolling Pinterest a few years back I saw this phrase and it really resonated with me.  You have as many hours in a day as Beyoncé.  Such a simple idea but very powerful…especially for all the procrastinators out there!  😉

But this isn’t all about Beyoncé – you can substitute her name for Oprah´s, Obama´s, or the Dalai Lama’s.  Whoever motivates you, does so for a reason…


I see it every day.  Kids wanting to be superheroes as they run around with hand sewn capes fluttering behind them.  Teens on the courts comparing themselves to basketball greats like Lebron James and Michael Jordan.  And adults do it too – reaching the top ranks of their professions and pushing the boundaries even further.  Masters, Creators, Entrepreneurs.

What lights the fire in their bellies?  And why??  The answer is different for everyone and, the truth is, not everyone has an interest in finding it.  When you look into the sky at night you can see a billion stars, but not all shine as bright as the next…and that is ok.  They are all beautiful just the same.

We can’t all shine the same.  People find motivation in many different things.  Some prefer to be behind the scenes and others prefer front and center.  The point is this – Are you making the most of your day?  Are you taking the steps to make yourself happy – to live a life fulfilled?

** While Miss Bey is dancing her ass off on stage – where are you?  What will drive you today?  Pick one thing you have been procrastinating and get out and do it!!  Light the fire and let it burn.  🙂  **


Until next time…

2 thoughts on “Why Beyoncé is The Queen B

  1. Love this! I think it’s true that we focus on the results more than we do the journey. Because the truth is, when you reach a certain point, all you want is more. More likes, more viewers, more visitors to your website, more media interviews, etc. But in the meantime, like goes by in a blur!


    1. This is so true. I often have to remind my self to embrace the journey as part of the process.

      I am thankful that I lost the drive to compete with others long ago…you can never win that race!! 😉 Instead I look at other peoples accomplishments as inspiration to reach for my own goals – not theirs. Let’s face it, there can only be one Beyonce…just like there can only be one me. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!


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