Halloween for Frugal Folks – Low/No Cost Costumes :)

This is it – the big weekend of Hallows Eve.  With Halloween being on a weekday, most parties will be taking place this weekend.  For those of you last-minute costume people,  I took to Pinterest to find some great frugal ideas for your costuming delight.

Obviously, money related first…Parents, you can be bandits and make your kid the loot!


Low budget?  I found just the thing!

This creative superhero:
Love this!  via


Cereal Killer halloween costume diy funny clever blood cereal boxes plastic knives. They still sell those boxes?:
Link didn’t work but pretty creative!

Are you good with makeup and shading?

Pretty…if dead people could be pretty…via

Need something for the kids?


Adults only?  How about a zipper face?  This one has been haunting me for years…

Zipper on Nose Nose Halloween Makeup
Tons of options for zipper faces, including this one, HERE.

So what do you think?  Have any costumes to share?  I will be working on Halloween so we are pretty much limited to tights or aprons, but don’t you worry – my overnight is in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  I think my costume will be a beach bum.  🙂

Image result for beach bum

Until next time…


10 thoughts on “Halloween for Frugal Folks – Low/No Cost Costumes :)

  1. redtwogreen

    Hahah. Such a great list. And I’m definitely going to see zipper face haunting my dreams. We were Hook, Smee, and Peter Pan (hubby, me, and baby, respectively). Our costumes were inspired by the fact that I own a blue and white striped shirt and wear birkenstocks practically every day aka I am Smee.


    1. Right?! She haunts me!

      Sounds like you guys did the go with what you got style costume. I’m a big fan of creativity!! 🙂 Did you post pics?? I’m going to have to pop over to check…


  2. This is my first year DIY-ing our Halloween costumes. I made 2/3rds of our costumes this year (for Mr. BITA and Toddler BITA, I bought mine). Stop by the blog and let me know what you think!


  3. These are some great creative ideas. Normally, I put on a three piece suit and flare out the collar so I look like I’m from the 70s. Super easy and don’t have to put too much effort. But I definitely need to step up my game next year with your ideas 🙂


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