Shift Your Perspective & Create New Habits

Hey, All!  It’s Monday and what that means for most is the start of a new week after a hopefully awesome weekend.  For me, today is the start of my weekend after finishing a 5 day stretch on the road.  I know, I know – most people work 5 days in a row!!  And having done it before I sympathize, I do.  But for us Flygal’s, it is a looooong time to be away from home particularly when you factor in the 12 flights, 3 different beds in 3 different cities, all while maintaining a perma-smile that I now associate with giving me wrinkles.  🙂  Haha – it’s funny no matter how much we love our jobs we still find something to gripe about!  Moving on…

Are you guys reading Four Pillar Freedom?  If not, you should be.  Not only because JD Roth is reading it…


But also because the writing is on point.  A few days back, Zach started the month with a powerful post about shifting perspective from the things we should stop doing in favor of the ones we should start doing.  It’s a great list and I implore you to pop over now and check it out.  I’ll wait…

Fabulous, right??  If you didn’t make it down to read all the comments, here is what I wrote:


Zach’s post really touched me.  Lately, I have felt a bit overwhelmed by…well, life.  I started a new position at work while still maintaining the same amount of flying.  The other job is in Dallas which means I have to commute there and back adding a new level of stress and preparation I wasn’t quite prepared for.  I now have to book my own flights and hotels (in the most complicated manner) and somehow get reimbursed for meals (I have yet to figure that part out and have already lost one receipt!!).  It’s a lot to take on and the learning curve is killing me!!  🙂  More time away from home is also taking its toll as I originally took this position thinking it would take place in Chicago and I’d be home more often…#Fail.  Regardless, I am still VERY GRATEFUL to have my job, including this new position, and am honored that they chose me over many other applicants…see, always a silver lining!

All that being said, during this time I have let my writing fall by the wayside.  Well, not exactly true – I have been writing, but I just can’t seem to find a good block of time to pull it all together and post.  It seems with so many things floating in my head, the writing gets long and hairy.  I need time to trim it all down and be more succinct but with my mind run amok on LIFE I just haven’t been able to get there.  In hopes of smoothing the bumps in my road, this January I began to implement a new system based on one of the ideas mentioned in Zach’s post:

Stop Looking For Motivation & Start Building Habits

So simple and so right!!

Winter in Chicago is grey and gloomy and the lack of sun can really get you down.  In an effort to guard myself against the wintertime blues, I set some lofty health goals and have added a new one each month.  Oh, and when I say lofty – do not laugh!  January started with 10k steps a day as well as taking vitamins each day (FYI I was sick for 3 weeks in January – hmmm).  February I added 20 lunges, sit-ups, and push-ups to my daily routine (I have never worked out consistently).  And March, I have instilled flossing (my dentist will be so proud!) and stretching every day (remember when stretching was an issue??).  I also cut back on alcohol to see if that would help with my energy level (as far as I can tell it hasn’t…).

For those of you looking to do something similar, might I suggest an app (no, I’m not getting paid) tunnamedhat has helped me?  The Productive Habits and Daily Goals Tracker is the best I have found and I’ve been using it since February.  You are allowed up to 5 habits a day (in the free version) and can swipe them once you finish.  If you’re like me, you can’t stand seeing a notification on your apps…like messages, emails, comments.  I hate it!  Seeing this glaring reminder is a great way to motivate me to drop and do 20 (I’m still on baby push-ups but I hope to graduate soon!).  I have tried to instill many of these habits before but this time is the first that I have been successful.  Yeah me!!

Due to the Productivity app, I have walked at least 10k steps almost EVERY DAY (I missed 3!) since the start of the year despite the sometimes shitty weather in Chicago.  In fact, on one occasion I worked a crappy paying trip to Florida with a short 10 hour overnight just to be able to walk in weather above the freezing point…that’s dedication, folks.

Here is a look at what I see on my screen.  Pay special attention to the chain at the bottom…


Again, I only started using this app at the end of January so it is missing some data but the chain is what really makes this work.  I love it!  Each of those solid color days are when I accomplished every goal.   Last Sunday you’ll notice the dot is clear – I had a glass of wine with our paella dinner causing me to break the chain.  Why am I including alcohol??  I am trying to pinpoint my lethargy triggers (I thought it might be wine) but I have started to realize that 15 years on the road with crazy hours and different beds each night is taking more of a cumulative toll than anything else.

On top of all these new habits, my mom (Hi mom!) gifted me a Fitbit.  My watch broke last month and I needed a new one for work.  I took mom’s gift hesitantly as I was certain these things are completely overrated…I was wrong.  Fitbit has changed my life!  I am completely OBSESSED with the goals I’ve set and reaching them daily:

  • 13k steps (I wear it all day so it picks up more than my phone)
  • 10 flights of stairs
  • 5 miles walking
  • 2000 calories burned (they calculate that based on my weight, height, and exercise)
  • 60 minutes of active minutes (doing something for more than 10 minutes at a time)
  • 7 hours sleep
  • Moving 250 steps per hour from 9-6pm
  • Exercising daily (walking = 30 min, biking = 15 min)

I tell ya, nothing makes me more proud of myself than when I see the screen light up green at the end of the day!  Here is Friday’s tally compared with the start of Saturday:


Looks like someone has some walking to do!! 😉  Oh, and I was in Vegas Friday night which accounts for all the extra steps.

“They” say it takes 3 weeks on average to build a habit (possibly debunked according to Forbes).  According to this weird post on Reddit, it also takes 90 days to break one.  I have been doing some of my new habits for 21+ days which, in theory, now makes them a part of my lifestyle but I’m not convinced. I think I may be more stubborn than most and without the help of my app and FitBit, I would easily fall back into a slump.  For now, I am hopeful.  🙂

What does all this have to do with money??  I’m glad you asked.  The habits that I am building for myself are all about living intentionally.  They are about not letting the day get away from me causing me to make excuses for why I can’t work out or be healthy (which I am famous for doing).  With each new health, I build a healthier foundation for future me which leads to better health and less medical expenses.  But the rewards are two-fold.  Being intentional with your day and your time is as important as being intentional with your money.  Since I have been tracking my expenses, I tend not to overspend in the problem areas that I recognized the first few months.  Going out to eat, paying ridiculous amounts for groceries, and hitting the bar to catch up with friends are no longer an issue as they once were.  When I realized saving that money (and all the lovely compound interest that it attracts) would get me to my FI goals sooner, I was easily able to cut out much of my discretionary spending.  Bonus!!  🙂

So, with the 3rd month of 2017 nicely on its way, what have you changed this year?  Are you still keeping up with your resolutions?  Have you formed any new habits??  I plan to add a new habit/goal to post once a week now that things are starting to calm down.  The first week of March and I am on my way!  What about you??

Until next time…


44 thoughts on “Shift Your Perspective & Create New Habits

  1. Maintaining 7 hours of sleep seems impossible for me. But what you are doing is really quite impressive and extraordinary. However, maintaining 7 hours of sleep, working 9-5 and attending fitness club all along are not pretty easy.


    1. Haha – well, I haven’t exactly maintained it. I set the goal to see if I could get there. I would say I am averaging 4 days a week but it varies. With my job it is very hard to have a routine of any sort. I think that is the upside to having a 9-5 because you can control the rest of the hours in your day. Of course, there are many downsides to a set schedule so much so that I am willing to sacrifice by having crazy hours and random days than to be stuck on one place all the time. Either way, finding a balance of some sort helps to even things out.

      Thanks for stopping by to comment!! 🙂


  2. Fudge! I’m batting .500 on my New Year’s resolutions. No more adding salt, salad dressing, and condiments to my food? Success. Working on my ebook every day? Fail. Perhaps the productivity app you suggested will help. Thanks for the tip, Miss M.


    1. I’m so sorry for not responding sooner…how did I miss this?? Well, we can’t win them all. The health related ones are most important because if you don’t do those you won’t be around to write an eBook! If you try the app let me know how it goes. I’m still holding strong! 🙂


    1. EEEK!! I am so sorry for the late reply!! I must have missed your comment when it first hit. I agree – my phone owns most of my important stuff. I can’t imagine losing it!! This app is nice because I can see what I have left to do and it sends me reminders. I still haven’t paid for the full version but am warming up to the idea. Did you ever download it? Would love to hear if it’s working for ya!


  3. Vegas is a magic place for steps. At a conference in Vegas last year I spent the whole day in my hotel – the conference and my room were both in Mandalay Bay, and I walked a little over 15000 steps a day! I’ve been working up to 10,000 steps a day (that is a little bit sad, that I need to work up to that). I’m consistently at 7000 now (pauses for applause, and not the slow sarcastic kind either). I just use the built in health app on my iphone and record in a spreadsheet if I met my target for the day or not.


    1. Magical for steps, horrifying for pretty much everything else. Are my feelings towards Vegas too strong?! I am sure out side of the city its a lovely place to be but within the strip area I am not impressed…too much gluttony!

      7000 a day is pretty good! I use the app on my phone too…the fitbit app counts way more steps because of all my hand flailing when I talk! They apparently don’t have an Italian sensitivity setting. I love that you are recording your steps in a spreadsheet! Taking the nerdiness to a whole new level. 😉


  4. I have been going to the gym 4x a week and I am still hitting my goals which makes me super happy. I still loving going to this bootcamp that I’m doing and I didn’t think in a million years that I would ever say that. Plus I got a new job so my resolutions for 2017 are coming along very nicely 🙂


    1. 4x a week?! Good for you! There is something to say about accountability that a class gives you. I have searched far and wide for an accountabilabuddy but they all have come with strings. I realized I couldn’t wait anymore and now I am using the app to keep me in line…if only it would gawk at me when I skip a round of push ups! 😉

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  5. Damn – Zach is seriously onto it for a 23yo! Wow.

    I’ve just started testing a new fitness app on behalf of my friend who works at a startup. I’ve always been very go with the flow, unstructed about running – but this is making a huge difference! If I feel obliged because I have a programme to follow I’m way more likely to do it.


    1. Right?! 23…I wish I had my shit together back then. Whoever says that girls mature faster than boys must have forgotten Zach as the exception!

      I think your “go with the flow” attitude towards running is exactly what has been my problem over the years. When you have a job as flexible as mine there really is no need for a set schedule. I just do whatever whenever. If I am not organized with my time it can seep out through all the cracks in my day. This app seems to be keeping me accountable for the things that actually need to be accomplished. It seems yours is as well. Maybe I need to pull back on my “go with the flow” until after I am FI! 🙂


  6. “Being intentional with your day and your time is as important as being intentional with your money.” YES! I completely agree! I tried out Dry January and was excited for the increased energy if no alcohol then was sick almost all month as well. I was skeptical of the idea of using apps to build habits until I used “Plant Nanny” for several months last year to help train myself to drink water during the day. I no longer use the app, but I have the habit now. With my spending changes, I felt like making new habits took about 6 weeks. Maybe we should research this 21 day thing?! Great post!


    1. Oh – glad to hear you got some energy back. It has’t seemed to work for me but I’m sure there are other factors weighing me down. Plant Nanny sounds interesting – Ill have to check it out. Water is a huge problem for me so I should be adding that to my list as well. 🙂 And, yes, 6 weeks seems a bit more logical. 21 days is too short!


  7. Starting building habits instead of looking for motivation to start is pretty sound advice. Just do it, indeed! I liked the line about being intentional with your time being as important as doing the same with your money.

    I have tried being more intentional with time, like last friday I had the day off and ended up spending 6.5 hrs gardening, landscaping, and similar around the yard. I got 23,900 steps for goodness sakes and I didn’t go for a run or hike, lol. Is it an ideal way to spend a day off? For most people, probably not, but it got me re-centered and back to Zen – or as close as I’ll get – after a rough week. Something about digging up banana plants, raking leaves, weeding, and all that lets me zone out and re-center. So intead of the usual – play some video games, go out for lunch, maybe nap in the afternoon, I did that instead.

    I didn’t make any resolutions, but I have been keeping up with swimming once a week for exercise. after my race got bumped by 7 months I didn’t quit swimming. Now my new race is in 8 weeks and I will get back into the routine of biking and running more, but that one has stuck around. i like it and it’s healthy. Win? 🙂


    1. Ideal use of your day indeed!! I love gardening and you are correct, it can be very zen. The garden is the one thing I miss most from my old house. Living in the city we don’t have a lot of outdoor space but now that I am spending more time in the burbs I plan to find a garden plot nearby that I can plant this year. I need to get my hands in the dirt again! I am glad you had the pleasure of doing so this week. 🙂

      Swimming is such a great workout. Again, not many places to go here (I think the YMCA has a lap pool?) but my main issue is I never learned how to do a proper breast stroke! As a kid I was so good at the backstroke our swimming instructor had me teach the kids while he taught the others how to do the breast stroke! I totally missed out and now I can only swim underwater. Haha – I should have gills by now!

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  8. I got a FitBit as a birthday gift, and I used it for a while but now I don’t. I always find it hard to keep up with electronic tracking and monitoring, and I just don’t use apps long term (I guess I’m getting old!). I’m much better with manual tracking in good old Excel for some reason. Great work on your goals! I’m still working through the ones I developed at the end of last year, although I need to go on more hikes and more walks than I have been. Darned winter!


    1. I do love my manual tracking but primarily for assets/spending. This app just makes it feel like a game…maybe I need to be tricked into doing these things?! Haha – like a kid eating their veggies. 🙂

      Winter is brutal here for outdoor activities. I feel your pain. As long as I am bundled up I can get my walk in but my body doesn’t do well with cold. Plus there is always the chance of slipping and falling on the ice which I have done several times this year – why doesn’t anyone shovel anymore??? I need to be living in a warm Mediterranean climate. 🙂 Tuscany anyone??

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  9. I can’t find that app in the Google Play Store 😦

    But there is no shortage of productivity apps. That’s a good way to encourage building a new routine though. I like it.

    I’ve been pretty terrible about exercising without having a trainer tell me what to do, so it’d be curious to see if using that productivity app strategy would make a difference. I already know most of the exercises, I just have to do it….


    1. Oh TJ…I’m sorry. Turns out it is for Apple only. Damn android! 😉 I am guessing your exercise isn’t going to get much better on the road but, you know, you are on the road! Could be worse, you could be at work still like the rest of us dweebs. 🙂

      When my friend and I took off in her VW for the wild west we ate Taco Bell bean burritos and Wendys frostys pretty much exclusively. Not a great diet! Regardless, we had a blast and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Enjoy your time and keep us all posted!!


  10. Look at you with all your apps! I can’t find my fitbit anywhere and I have no idea what I did with it, but I miss it! Habit are really challenging to build. I, for the life of me, can’t stop eating work snacks. Just as much as I’ve made some good habits easier, it’s easy to have bad ones when they are in my face at work! Looking forward to seeing how it continues for you. Sorry the job is kind of hectic. I miss your blog!


    1. Tragic! Poor FitBit has gone astray!! I’m really loving this app and actually look forward to crossing each thing off the list so I can eliminate that stupid notification on my screen…oh, the simple joys in life. 🙂

      Work snacks would be difficult for me. I have very little impulse control when it comes to food. If one is good then 20 is better. I realize sometimes I take things that I don’t even want just because I am afraid I might want it later. Pure gluttony! I am getting better. Last week our pilot brought a huge bag of carmel/cheese popcorn for us girls and neither of my crew members wanted any. It’s super expensive so I didn’t want it to go to waste and I didn’t want to seem ungrateful…naturally I would have to eat it all! Then I realized my gluttony trigger had been pulled and made a conscious effort to calm it by splitting the bag in two and leaving the rest for the next crew. I was so proud of myself!

      Thanks for popping in. I know I have been a lame writer recently but I am hoping the leaf has been turned. I need to get out to LA soon!! Or come here…I know you have a credit you have to use! 😉


  11. ChooseBetterLife

    I love the idea of adding rather than subtracting. The less important and less beneficial time-suckers will eventually be sifted away and disappear, and it’s way more exciting to focus on something than on the lack of a thing.


    1. Good point! People don’t work well long term in any form of deprivation. I’m not one to diet but I do try to keep things in check if I feel my pants getting a little snug. 😉 Adding these new healthy habits also helps me make better choices because I don’t want to ruin my “perfect” day. It’s all about not breaking the chain!


  12. I love that Productive app!!! I used it for about six months until noting that I had done the items became more tedious than actually remembering to do them. It was huge in getting me to floss though! My gums have never looked better. I also used it to track how often I was seeing friends as I had realized I wasn’t being social enough for my preferences. I’m feeling really happy with my habits though after some huge work on it last year!! I also have a goal of 64 oz of water drank per day which I am finding a bit more difficult in the winter than it was in the summer.


    1. Haha – I love to hear that your gums have never looked better. 🙂 Water is always an issue for me because with flying we dehydrate so quickly…but the real problem is having to go to the bathroom so often and having to go on the plane! Yuck! Great job working on it last year. I hope by the end of the year I won’t need an app to track these ones and will have moved on to some others.

      Thanks for stopping by to comment!!


  13. I like your comment on the teenage boys. When I used to manage employees and teams, I used to say “don’t come to me with problems, come to me with solutions.” I think this can work in almost any situation… parenting, helping a friend, our inner voice… 🙂

    Also, I know what you mean about writing short posts. It is harder than it seems. Here are two quotes that I love on the topic: “Brevity is the soul of wit.” – Shakespeare and “If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.” – Pascal(?)

    Two blogs that I use as inspiration on short, powerful posts is Seth Godin and Derek Sivers (this guy is brilliant).


    1. “Don’t come to me with problems, come to me with solutions.” – classic!

      I can’t write a short post to save my life! I read Seth’s stuff but haven’t heard or Derek so I will definitely be looking into it. Thanks for the suggestions!!


  14. Smart Provisions

    The app looks really great and I might add it to my phone. I’m glad it has been helping you with your health and fitness goals. I’ll probably give it a try too as being healthy would mean less money spent on health problems overall. I have been able to change my diet to a more minimal and basic one, with just chicken and broccoli, now to just add some fitness in to round it off and I’ll be A-okay.


    1. Chicken and broccoli sounds like a healthy way to go! I try to eat a lot of veggies and at least one fruit a day but sometimes they slip through the cracks…maybe I need to add another habit for my fruit intake! 🙂 If you try out the app let me know how it goes. I am honestly amazed that this is the one thing that has gotten me on track. All it took was seeing it all in front of me. Nobody wants to disappoint themselves! 😉


      1. Ellie @ The Chedda

        I’ve been trying to eat one fruit a day too! I can’t believe we’re supposed to have 2-4 a day because it’s hard enough for me to get that one!!


        1. Right?! Well, I am guessing cheese isn’t an issue for you! 😉 I LOVE fruit but it is so freaking expensive in Chicago. Apples are good because they are relatively cheap and last forever but lately they have been so big they just feel like to big a commitment. Raspberries are my FAVORITE but they are the most expensive by weight and on the “dirty dozen” list so I try to buy organic if I get them…which means I never get them because they are a rip off! What a world what a world. 🙂


  15. Great post, Miss Mazuma! Thanks for the app recommendation and congrats on the new habits. 🙂 I can see how the desire to keep the chain going would provide incentive. I do think I’ll give it a try.

    I didn’t really make any resolutions, per se, but set some goals. I started eating healthier – again. For years, I ate a grain free, low sugar diet, but fell off the wagon last year. I’m back to it and my husband joined me this time, so the support is great. We keep each other accountable!


    1. It’s funny, I am not huge into electronics and don’t have a bunch of apps but this one really stood out to me. Positive reinforcement is hard to come by when the goals are focused solely on your own behavior. I tried to get an accountabilabuddy but I had no takers so this was my back up plan and it’s actually working! It’s nice that your husband is on board with the grain free/low sugar. My BF lives primarily on both of those “food groups” – bread, rice, salt, and coke are all of his favorites! He is very good at walking and he always asks how many more steps I need at the end of the night. That counts for something! 🙂


  16. I’m thrilled that I could inspire a blog post by you 🙂
    What really struck me in this post was your phrase “Being intentional with your day and your time is as important as being intentional with your money.” This is such an important concept to grasp, and I think those of us who are constantly thinking about finances and optimizing our finances to gain freedom sometimes forget that we should also be intentional with how we live our life, not just our finances. Implementing healthy habits is a great way to practice intentional living, cheers to you for doing so!

    Intentional living goes hand in hand with healthy financial habits. When you focus on what’s important to you, you slowly let go of the desire to buy more and consume more to fill the void, so your expenses naturally decline. Awesome post 🙂


    1. Yes, focusing on what is truly important in life goes a long way. I think about so many times I did things or stayed out longer than I wanted because I felt obligated to do so. Now, if something doesn’t line up with my goals I have no problem saying no. Events, shopping, extra servings of ice cream…no, no, no! 🙂 I am intentional with my day, my diet, and my money – though in each category I still find ways to indulge. Balance is everything!

      Thank you again for the inspiration and keep up the great writing!! 🙂


  17. MindfulCents

    Well done. I am about new habits too. Starting the day after Christmas I decided to start “don’t break the chain” calendar where I mark off the day where I complete my new habits list. The things I have been aiming to achieve are to quit alcohol,refined white flour of any kind,and fructose /sugar consumption ( limit to 25g per day) and also work on mobility/ ROM, triceps pull downs everyday.
    I had absolutely no problems with alcohol: I haven’t had any since after Christmas and since I am in saving mode I don’t see myself wasting money on it 🙂 white proceeded flour, pastries , cookies hasn’t been an issue either … I broke the chain a few times with some pita and Girl Scout cookies but not a major thing and after over 2 months I don’t even want or crave or have a need for it.
    The other story is my dark chocolate almonds addiction 🙂 February was very challenging … I had too many of them so at he end of February I decided to attack this problem with a new plan. I have been still eating almonds and chocolate but … as 2 separate ingredients which is way less sugar/ fructose and less calories and I don’t crave it anymore. I think I have it under control. Thanks to Ghirardelli 86% chocolate, herbal teas and stevia herb and Sarah Wilson’s “I quit sugar” inspirations 🙂
    My new habits for March are calories and marcos tracking with MyMacros+ app and 10,000 and over steps average for the day even with 18″ of fresh snow. I also have been using Freedom app to block social media.
    I love new habits 🙂 can’t wait to hear about your new ones.


    1. Oh girl, no sugar?? SO hard to do!! Good for you for giving it a go. I know how bad our body craves these little addictions and I can only imagine the withdrawal. 🙂 Dark Chocolate almonds sound like a healthy balance.

      The chain definitely helps to keep me on track. I have tried to build good habits before but this is the first time it is sticking…I really like the positive reinforcement my little app gives me! Wine is the hardest part – every other one I have no problem fitting in…even if I have to push myself. But the wine. Oh, the wine. It is EVERYWHERE!!! At home I am fine but socially I find it hard to say no – good for me we don’t get out often. 🙂 One or 2 glasses isn’t an issue but if over the course of an entire night I go past that I feel horrible the next day. It just isn’t worth trying to fight through a day of sluggishness for an extra glass of wine.

      I am hoping my new habit of writing once a week keeps me on track. I have so many drafts waiting to be finished!! 🙂


  18. TheRetirementManifesto

    Hey Cuz! Wow, GREAT list from Four Pillars! I hadn’t seen that one, well worth a read!!

    You’re CRUSHING it with the “Productivity Habits” App, I’m going to have a look myself! Awesome and easy way to keep you on track! You’re proof positive.

    BTW, I crushed 28,000 steps with my (too cheap to buy a real) FitBit knockoff on Saturday via an 11 mile hike on the Appalachian Trail. CRAZY that you hit 20k without a major hike, guess Vegas will do that to you. I’m motivated, thanks to you. (Also, wondered why your writing has slowed recently, now I know!). Great to see you online again!


    1. I tried a couple apps before this one and this just worked the best. I can’t wait to see what goals you set for yourself!! I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to working out so I thought if I started small I could build on it. I have a small frame and eat pretty well so weight has never been an issue but as I get older I see that metabolism slowing! 😉

      Nice work on the hike!! I would love to come down and see the start of the trail at some point. I have a map on my wall of the entire route and am waiting for the day when its a possibility. For now, I wouldn’t ever leave my Bubs for 6 months (or 4 months and 28 days 😉 ) but in a few years and once I am FI this will be number one on my list.

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  19. Motivation is over-rated. There’s a good reason the Nike “just do it” campaign was so successful. I admire you for jumping into the thick of adding new habits while your schedule became more grueling. Maintaining 7 hours of sleep must be particularly difficult when you were traveling more…what do you do when you’re in Vegas for one night?


    1. Haha – so true!! Just Do It has to be one of the most used and reused ad campaigns ever because it works. Lately when I am in my down mode and feeling lazy I push myself to get up by counting down from 5 to 1 out loud. Giving myself those extra 5 seconds and knowing there is an end point pushes me to get moving. I do the same when doing push ups which I cant stand! There is an end to the pain…5,4,3,2,1!!

      7 hours of sleep is the hardest thing on my goal list. I am an early riser by nature so I go to bed quite early. When flying it is difficult to set schedules like I can when I am home. One thing that helps is I stay on central time zone (even if it means going to bed at 7pm in Vegas!!) and I rarely turn on the TV in my hotel room. TV has a tendency to keep me up especially if there is a Friends or Seinfeld marathon on TBS (which is every night!).

      As for Vegas, I walked the strip then ate a fantastic meal of take out Thai in my bed. It was glorious. 🙂 I would have loved to go on a hike but I couldn’t find any takers and prefer the buddy system when I hike on overnights. For some reason hiking across Spain for a month alone doesn’t bother me as much as hiking here in the states. People here are wacky!! 😉


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