Forget the Fluffy Recap, Here’s the Real Dirt on FinCon17…

FnCon – Where Money & Media Meet.  Pretty catchy tagline for the personal finance blogging community.  But let’s take a second to break it down for my non-blogging friends.  Basically, FinCon is a convention where financial media of all types meet to geek out over everything from new apps, monetizing, SEO, creating fabulous content, and all sorts of other stuff.  But that’s not all it’s about.  It’s also about the community itself.  Meeting people you have been talking to online for months (years for some) and deepening those relationships and the bonds that tie us together which, in this case, is money.  This is the facet of FinCon that I explored the most and that in itself was well worth the price of admission.


So, what can I say that hasn’t already been said?  Nothing.  Instead, let’s skip the traditional FinCon recap post that my dear friends have already done (you can see a whole bunch of them on Physician On Fire’s round-up).  I’m here to spill the dirt.  What happened, what didn’t, and how to prepare if you are ever in attendance at any multi-day conference surrounded by people (and strangers) that you adore.

Swingers Convention??

First off, ignore the rumors.  Night one I was told that FinCon of yesteryear was a swingers convention of sorts.  #NoJudgement, but so so curious…  I was poorly disappointed to find that this is no longer the case (or was it ever?).  My disappointment stemmed not from a FOMO standpoint but out of pure curiosity of how one gets indoctrinated into such a club.  Was there a key bowl involved?  Would it show up at an after party?  On the table of the FIRE panel?  Would it be mentioned in the Newcomers Session??  Nope.  And believe me, I looked.  I looked for all sorts of signs that the rumors were true…and a couple of times I got close.

First, when I ran into a very popular blogger in the bar on night one.  While making introductions, I noticed he had something written on his hand.  When my eyes finally made focus I saw what was written was his room number accompanied by which elevator would take you there.  Interesting…  Naturally, I had to ask if he was aware of the swingers rumor to which he laughed and said he was not.  He explained his handwritten message (presumably in his own writing if he is a righty) was so that HE could remember his own room…  Hmmm – somewhat suspect but still a valid explanation. 😉 The Sheraton was HUGE y’all, and I did actually get lost myself at one point.  Right floor, wrong room – it can totally happen!

The second time came when The WoW’s and I were mistaken for a thriplette What?!  To be fair, we were all standing in a row getting pitched by some company when the rep looked down and noticed our name tags had Mr, Mrs, and Miss prominently displayed.  What other possible conclusions could there be??  Of course, we graciously giggled and Mrs. WoW and I played along like good sister wives do then quickly found our out in the form of Ally cookies at the next booth over.  I mean seriously, here I was the one conducting the research when all suspicion was turned our way due to our name badges.  Note to self – change my first name for next year’s event to “Monogamous”.


In the end, I saw no hints of couples swinging.  Rumors are usually built on a grain of truth so my guess is that whomever I was talking to was looking for some partners to play with.  Actually, the person who mentioned it also happened to be staying in a lovely Airbnb with another couple.  Perhaps they found their match after all??  I’ll have to keep an eye on them for next year…

Money Nerds Know How To Party

If ever there was a time for OMG, it is this.  I am an early to bed, early to rise type of gal.  Though I do enjoy adult beverages from time to time, I usually don’t drink for hours on end while moving from spot to spot and talking in long run on sentences at high decibels for hours upon hours.  By the end of day four, my eyes were as bloodshot as The Giant Eyeball..

FullSizeRender (37).jpg
Just a few friends breaking the “No Trespassing” rule…

From Mr. 1500’s after party (at Gwen’s pad!) to a pub crawl with The WoWS, and late night chats with my roomie, Mrs. BITA (BITA for short 😉 ), my brain and body ran the gamut between feeling completely invigorated by conversation and insanely exhausted from sensory and information overload…but I wouldn’t change a thing.  Well, maybe a few.  Here are a few tips to make it through a multi-day conference without issue.  Of course, I didn’t do any of them but you may find them helpful in the future:

1. Don’t try to keep up with people 10 years your junior.  Major failure on my part.  Though I can’t keep up on the cocktails, I did keep up with the crowd.  It has been ages since I was up past 1am (except Camp Mustache) but doing it 4 nights in a row should earn me some kind of millennial street cred.  Right??  Who has my trophy??

Only one of the hands shown is my senior, the rest are from a different generation…MILLENNIALS!!

2. When you feel your voice starting to go – do not speak louder!  Mrs. Montana can attest to this…

3. Take naps.  Leaving FinCon looking like you were hit by a truck is no bueno…especially when you are flying home on the company dime.  If you can pull yourself away from the hoards of fascinating people to nap, you are far more evolved than I.  Every time I pulled away for a break I smashed right into another opportunity.  Upon reflection, the bags under my eyes were well worth the sacrifice.

4. Eat.  My schedule was all out of whack so I often went hours and hours and hours without meals, and even then, most meals lacked proper nutrition.  In a crowd that big, I was confident that I wasn’t the only one on the crappy food diet so I took to handing out fruit strips to other attendees.  So many fruit strips that one dude asked if it was my business card.  Seriously.  (Storing that idea for FinCon18)

FullSizeRender (39)
Bonus if you can stumble across 1/2 price food…one pork knuckle, please!

5. Check your introvert side at the door.  At this type of thing, there is no need to hide in a corner and watch the world go by.  These are your people!!  When checking in for Camp Mustache in May, we were told to walk up to 5 people and introduce ourselves.  I took that fabulous advice and carried it with me to FinCon.  If you are one of the people I assaulted with my handshake or hug, please forgive me.  I know it isn’t for everyone (especially the hugs – again, my apologies), but being the first to stick out your hand get’s you places you can never imagine.  Case in point, see below…

Be Prepared to Meet Your Heroes

I am trying so hard not to name drop with this post (too late?) because last year when I read everyone else’s posts on their FinCon experiences I about drown myself in major FOMO.  BUT – I have to do it.  You see, when people meet internet heroes in real life it is a strange collision of worlds.  The third wall is shattered when smiles are shared faced to face.  I had many moments like that throughout the weekend, but the two that stood out the most are the greatest of names that I can’t help but drop…  J.D. Roth and J$.

What do those two J’s have in common??  Me…and maybe some of you as well.  But, of course, they don’t know that and so I have to spell it out here. Both of these gentlemen are responsible for lighting the FIRE under my ass but in completely different ways:

J.D. Roth

I’ve mentioned that J.D. is how I first found out about FI.  To this day I can’t remember what led me to him (I want to say Leo Babauta’s blog – Zen Habits?) but as soon as I started reading his blog, I could relate.  From there, through a series of twisted and winding clicks of links, I eventually found some other fabulous writers that led me to the idea that I too could one day become FI.  For that, I am eternally grateful.

I met J.D. on day two in the hallway leading to Draft (the sports bar many of my blogging friends spent MANY hours at) and clumsily introduced myself.  He was gracious with my efforts and we quickly parted ways so he could go to a meeting. The next day I somehow found myself at his table (also in Draft though I am sure he left at some point – or did he? 😉 ) in the middle of a conversation about the FIRE community.  I was pleasantly surprised by his willingness to discuss an issue that has been deep on my mind as of late which is that diversity is very much lacking in our FIRE community (more on that below). What I really want to stress from my chat with J.D. is that I was reminded that we are all a part of the same community and we all play a part in how it is represented.  Some just have to start talking louder than others.

As an added bonus to meeting J.D., I was delighted to meet Kim, his better half 😉 , who I am almost positive if I lived closer we would be BFF’s.  Kim has a unique position and angle to add to the personal finance conversation and I look forward to hearing more from her perspective.  She is definitely one to keep an eye on and no doubt will have big things to share at next years FinCon.  I. Can. Not. Wait!!


It may have been J.D. that got me on the path to FI, but it was J$ that inspired me to start writing again.  Many moons ago I wrote a lifestyle blog about DIY home improvements, gardening, cooking, and frugal crafty shit.  I posted 5x a week until my inspiration was cut short (meaning, I moved from that home which was the complete subject of the writing).  The blog is now defunct, with many of my posts and pics missing, but the experience of writing publicly and building a community never left.  I just lost my focus.  It took a few years to reignite that passion and to find my voice again, but reading Budgets Are Sexy reminded me of what fun it is to put yourself out there – warts and all!  J$ has this awesome way of making everyone feel like they belong, enough so that it made me feel like my voice and experience could add value to the personal finance niche.

At Fincon, J$ was often swarmed with a large bevy of peeps (seriously, everyone loves this dude!) and, minus a few brief encounters, the weekend was gone before we ever got to connect.  I have to say, it is my greatest disappointment that I didn’t have a chance to thank him in person.  So J$, if you are reading this now, I want to say THANK YOU once again.  Without you, I wouldn’t have even been at FinCon.  You (including Budgets Are Sexy and Rockstar Finance) are responsible for Miss Mazuma and all of the friends I have made because of this tiny little site.  Your writing convinced me to start publicly tracking my progress on my way to FI.  It made me want to join The Million Dollar Club and even made me believe I may hit that ginormous goal someday (though I’d be happy just to get close!).  You also reminded me that there is still good in the world and continue to lead by example by being one of the few at the community outreach project set up Saturday morning at FinCon.  I wasn’t around for Love Drop, but am so happy to be able to support the Rockstar Community Fund and the Giving Cards Project.  Keep doing what you’re doing and the world will no doubt be a better place!

It is unusual to meet your heroes and have them be as genuine and humble in real life as they are on the screen.  Both of these guys have managed to accomplish that rare feat and I am beyond grateful that they didn’t let me down!

FIRE is Not Yet A Flame

Back to my chat with J.D…

This was the standout that I realized most while at FinCon – the FIRE community is not yet diverse, and that for me is an issue. The stories often being highlighted are not representative of the community as a whole.  Not only culturally (which was very apparent in every FIRE panel, chat, podcast, and/or documentary taping), but economically as well.  We are not all engineers and/or living/saving on dual high-income salaries.  As I told J.D.,  the FIRE community has a branding issue that starts with the spotlight being shined in the wrong direction making FIRE seem unapproachable for most.

What was up with all the birds??    A lot of chirping going on…

The fact of the matter is the one who chirps the loudest get’s fed first.  We need to change that.  The same way we’ve celebrated and rallied to get the voices of women in the personal finance blogging space heard, we need to start doing the same for the underdogs.  The TRUE heroes in our community.  The ones who break free without the help of large incomes.  The ones who find their passion after quitting grind.  The ones taking leaps instead of cautious and calculated baby steps.  The ones who practice mini-retirements and are REALLY fucking good at them!  The ones who are 3rd generation FIRE (insert Marla’s name here since she doesn’t have a blog! 🙂 ).  Those are the stories that inspire me most.  And they inspire others as well.  If you have that story, please share it.  If you read that story, please spread it.  We are all responsible for this community and who it reaches.  Let’s get the word out on another level.  You can hide behind emojis and pseudonyms for whatever reason is necessary (I certainly do!), but don’t do it to take shelter from having uncomfortable conversations with loved ones.  The goal of FIRE is freedom – who doesn’t want that for the people they love most?


Back to reality, kind of.  I’m back to work but writing from Punta Cana.  Bittersweet, indeed.  I already bought my ticket for next years event, but rumor has it there is another FIRE gathering happening around the same time in a country that I am dying to visit (remember what I said, don’t listen to rumors).  If any of you are on the fence about attending, buy your ticket anyway.  Get in on the early bird pricing and you can always sell it later.  Chances are, you won’t want to.

Shout out time…

Special thanks to my FinCon friends (pay no attention that they are almost all dudes – no keys were involved in the making of those friendships!) Mr. Apathy Ends, Guy on Fire, Joe Olsen (Adventuring Along), Will (My favorite Plus 1), Marla (My PiC), and Emma & Andrew.  The legume Gods made pea-pods to have 3 peas but I’m pretty sure we can fit 8.  FinCon18??

And to my new and old friends that I didn’t get the chance to hang with much, I hope we have more time next year.  The Happy Philosopher, thank goodness you survived that breakfast!  Mrs. Adventure Rich, you were robbed…your costume should have won!!  That being said, Route To Retire, mad props to you my friend.  Mastermind Within, I am so glad my friend found you in this crazy world.  I didn’t know what to expect but it seems you compliment each other perfectly – you are the yin to her yang.  ESI Money, you got me thinking monetizing (see the adds??)! Financial Panthers, let me know if you’re ever looking for a cougar to join the pack.  Physician on Fire, thanks for the koozies – already coming in handy.  Fritz, I kept missing you!  Mr. PIE and Mr. Slowly Sipping Coffee, the other members of my roommate’s (Mrs. BITA) thriplette…you guys had me in stitches.  Steve Goodwin, love you man!  Looking forward to our RSFF meet up next month!!  Think Save Retire, retirement looks good on you guys!!    Looking forward to following in tour footsteps.  Make Smarter Decisions, also props for an AWESOME costume.  I can’t wait to see what The Groovy’s come up with next year!  Wealth Well Done, great to finally get a hug in. 🙂  KeepThrifty, I didn’t have a chance to gush to you directly but you are doing GREAT things with your new vlog – Congrats!   Cait Flanders, meeting you in person was as lovely as I imagined it would be. Nords – thanks for hanging throughout the whole pub crawl, teaching me the term “evergreen”, and for giving me one of the greatest compliment on my writing thus far.  Truly an honor to know you.  Millennial Revolution, I knew you were my kind of peeps and am so happy it translated off screen!  Millennial Boss, I promise I didn’t sleep in your bed.  Broke Millennial, my Plutus Award-winning friend, not only did you teach me the ways of prime swag, you also sparked great conversation per the usual.  We didn’t share sushi this time but your re-telling of The Notebook more than made up for it!  Choose FI dudes, you know I’m a huge fan. Keep it up!!  Mad Fientist, I’m ready for that shirt whenever… 😉  And, of course, a big THANK YOU to PT who made all of the FinCon fun possible.

Until next time…

75 thoughts on “Forget the Fluffy Recap, Here’s the Real Dirt on FinCon17…

  1. Who knew FinCon could be so dirty! Already got my tickets for FinCon 2018. I don’t know what I fear for more–my vocal cords, liver, or dignity. Great round up, cuz.


    1. Right?! Well, perhaps all that dirt will translate to a good episode of picking up trash for next year. 😉 I can’t help much on the dignity front, but start prepping your liver and vocal chords now!


  2. The Fire Viking

    Really inspiring post!! Your blog is one of the inspirations for the journey I am currently setting out on; 7 years to Financial Independence and to add some challenge to it I am living in one of the most heavily taxed countries in the world: Sweden. I started after having read yours and gotten very intrigued by it, now setting a similar goal for myself.
    Thank you!


    1. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it. And WELCOME to the pf blogging world…and more importantly, the journey to FI. I’m looking forward to reading from your perspective. I have never been to Sweden but it is high on my list!! Are you on the Rockstar Finance Forum yet? I know there is at least one there person (non blogger) from Sweden on there – probably many others! I’m happy to send you an invite if you’re interested. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hey @missmazuma ! Oh, really? No I am not on the Rockstar Finance forum yet, would love to check it out!!! Thanks a lot in beforehand for offering to add me! Should I do anything from my side?
        Yes, you should definitely check out Sweden when you get the chance to (although not right now, when it is depressingly dark and cold 🙂 )
        Thanks for the warm welcome!!!
        Take care and keep up the awesome blogposts!


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  5. Chris @ Keep Thrifty

    Of all the recaps, I think this one might be my favorite – you captured the flavor of FinCon perfectly. My voice is still recovering two weeks later… 🙂

    It was awesome to meet you but I wish we’d had more time to chat – hopefully we’ll get a chance to chat more at a meetup sometime or at worst at FinCon 18!


  6. Awesome recap, “Monogamous”!

    That’s really cool that you got to spend some time with the guy who introduced you to FI. I actually don’t even think I saw J.D. while there – definitely a hero in the community!

    And just because you didn’t get to hang with J$, you still had a little time with the J$ rip-off! Not quite the same, I know. 😉

    Hopefully, we can chat it up a little more in Orlando!

    — Jim

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We kept seeing each other in passing (and always at a bar…coincidence?? 🙂 ). I’m all signed up for next year so we best get a chance to chat then. If not, you are always welcome to our meet ups. Next one is DEc 9th!! Details on the RSFF.


  7. Millennial_Boss

    Hahaa if I had known it was you crashing I totally would have been cool with that! I love the swingers intro too. That’s what I was told from likely the same person as you lol. No evidence.


  8. apathyends

    Can’t Decide if I like the death mask or the bouncy ball Gwen used to emoji my face.

    I have a lot of thoughts on this post, but am going to save them…….BECAUSE YOU ARE VISITING IN UNDER A MONTH!



  9. pefernald

    This was by far the best/most hilarious recap of FinCon I have read! I love hearing your honest thoughts and great tips about eating and sleeping!

    That is awesome that you were able to make so many great connections and meet some of your biggest influences


    1. Aww – thank you!! I aim to do better next year but have a sneaking suspicion I will fail on both the good eating and sleeping routine. As for making connections, I will definitely keep that trend going forward. 🙂


  10. Hey roomie! I enjoyed our daily exchange of news and gossip, and I loved how comfortable I felt rooming with a person I had never met in my life, or even talked with on the phone. I hope your travels bring you to my part of CA sooner rather than later.


    1. For real, girl. I can’t believe we didn’t screen each other first. Like, not even one conversation! It could have been a disaster but I knew from your writing we would be just fine…our neighbors were most likely taken a bit off guard by the amount of F bombs we dropped on the nightly. 😜 Day one was a whirlwind and completely overwhelming for me but we hit our stride and it was such a great time!! I’m bummed I missed the bitcoin buying but it was probably for the better. I mean, I couldn’t even win a game of Connect 4!!

      I will def be looking you up next time I am in the area. Let’s get some wine and chill, though. I don’t think I can take any more late nights out for a while!!


  11. HA HA, love this write-up. The swinger story is super funny.

    I’m so glad we got to meet at FinCon! Hope we get to see each other again soon! (and me with elephant pants in hand) 😀


    1. Yes!! Let’s meet in a random town in a foreign country as our paths cross on this big spinning ball of crazy. I’m off to Budapest and Prague next week! Any chance you’ll be near??

      Omg – you will not even guess! I was wondering where all the elephant pants were that I bought last year. I thought I gave them as gifts for Christmas. Turns out, I didn’t!! I found 3 fresh new pairs in my Christmas gift box. So, question now is do I give them to my sisters this year or keep them for myself?? 😬


    1. Oh my goodness!! That was hysterical. It never occurred to me that people would mistake me for Marla until you told me that!! I wonder how many others are walking around thinking we met… 😉


  12. money7049

    Great recap. Sad we didn’t get to chat! I was so overwhelmed and deal with major social anxiety so those spaces are tough for me. Look forward to catching up at the Chicago meetup. I 100% agree with your point about the need to showcase more diverse FIRE perspectives. It does have a branding problem and unfortunately one that turns a lot of people away. Have you been on those subreddits – yikes! I also know I’m culpable too but my story is my story – I’m doing what I can to help spread the message and more stories. I’ll be profiling all backgrounds and careers and voices in my CNBC profiles. I’d love to share yours too.


    1. I know!! You were a busy busy man. 🙂

      I have steered clear of subreddit and reddit in general. It doesn’t seem to be a happy place! Too many people lurking to make a counterpoint or take down just for sport. It’s sad, really. But all that being said, the problem of diversity remains. I think you are doing an awesome thing by offering to share other’s stories for CNBC!! It’s a step in the right direction and so clearly needed.

      Looking forward to seeing you on the 9th!! 🙂


    1. Ah, yes, the jeans. They were a smashing success!! 🙂

      As for the introverted part, you’d be surprised how many people at these events would sympathize with you. You’ll be in good company!! Buy the ticket, make the plan. You will not be disappointed. PLUS, I’ll hold a meet up for day one next year as well. I think it was the best way to put everyone at ease right off the bat. Buy it!!


  13. Thanks for all the dirt! Glad you had a fabulous time.The timing wasn’t right for us this year but we bought our tickets and reserved a hotel room for next year. I already started a packing list which begins with Ricola cough drops.

    Did you hand out the Aldi girl scout cookies you turned me on to, also?


    1. Damn – those cookies would have been FABULOUS!! I’m adding them to my packing list for next year along with more Ricola. I can’t wait for you guys to join the circus next year!!j


  14. Jason @

    I loved your recap. I never heard those swinging rumors lol. Next year I have to incorporate a couple of naps in my schedule. I was done come Sunday.


  15. My Stupid Debt

    I think I found GRS the same way through Zen Habits way back in the day. I like your request for diversity in the FIRE community both culturally and economical standpoint. Bring on some change! Glad you had a good time at FinCon.


    1. Nice! You’re the first person I’ve heard that went through the Zen Habits vortex to get to GRS. 🙂 On the diversity front, I hope we will see some changes in the coming years. All it takes is a few loud mouths like myself to get the all rolling!

      Liked by 1 person

  16. Marla

    Still giggling from this “recap” – what a hilarious weekend! Very happy to be your PiC (although I had to google the acronym) and to have shared many of those not so healthy meals and a boatload of laughs. Can’t wait for more shenanigans in Florida my friend!


    1. Partner in crime (literally after our breakfast shenanigans!). 🙂

      Next FinCon is during hurricane season in Orlando…if the weather doesn’t bring it, we sure will!! Otherwise, see you in January. 😘


  17. Miss Mazuma!!! I had no idea about any of this – wow!! Thank you so much for letting me know! I do my best to put my all out there but of course we all have our bad days/insecurities and it’s messages like this that remind us why we put our hearts into things. You have completely made my week – thank you 🙂 And I hope you know by now just how much I admire YOU and your words here on this blog too! I have been a fan since Day #1 and you are a perfect example of what a true blogger and storyteller is. Thank you for inspiring me! I need another hug now!! Haha….


    1. Of course! I know we don’t write for validation, but it is always nice to know you are making a difference in the world which is why I had to be sure you knew. More hugs (and hopefully conversation) coming your way in 2018!!

      PS – No need to be jealous of Guy on Fire, you get a kiss too!! 💋


  18. Bahahaha! I love this! It was my first time at FinCon and it was such a blast. I agree 10000% percent with remembering to eat (and eat well). I skipped meals and ate at really weird times. For one meal I ate an entire bowl of fried jalapenos from Draft. You can imagine that my small intestine was greatly displeased.


    1. Fried jalapeños sound like an almost well balanced meal provided you drank wine with them…you know, add some fruit? I’m pretty sure our paths crossed but we never got a chance to chat! Hopefully you are in for 2018??


  19. How you doing?

    Haha… Well done. It was great getting to see you again. It was awesome to hang out and run rampant through town.

    Please let us know when you’re stopping through again. And there is something to finding people that aren’t the prototype Fire people. Good on you! Although I think me and the Mrs kind of are. Oh well… Can’t win them all.


    1. WoWs, you know I love you. You may be the prototype but I’ll keep you around anyway. What other thriplette could I be associated with??

      Im coming your way soon. December meet up at 3 Weavers??


  20. Haha- this is awesome! Love the dirt 😉

    It was so nice to meet you and hang out on the grassy knoll (plus that Thai/sushi, though I could have done without the server’s Robin costume…)! Thank you for organizing the Day 1 meet up… it was such a great way to break the ice for us newbies.

    Let me know if you ever make it up to MI!

    ~Mrs. Adventure Rich


    1. The grassy knoll – who wouldn’t want to picnic there??

      So happy to meet you Day 1. You introduced yourself by name which competent threw me of my game then you switched back to Mrs AR and now I’ve completely forgotten it. 😩 I’ll have to come see you in MI to check for mailbox for letters!


  21. fierymillennials

    I’m so glad you had a fabulous AND productive time at FinCon. Great things can and will come of our time there. See you soon 🙂


  22. TheRetirementManifesto

    Miss Mazuma, “Don’t try to keep up with people 10 years your junior”? Wow, I’m screwed.

    GREAT post, I love how you always bring a unique twist to the discussion. Great point about diversity. Hopefully, our community will continue to grow, and I suspect diversity will come as a result (I loved meeting my Indian reader, Sri). Great seeing you at FinCon!

    Finally….Punta Cana, really? Your life Rocks!


    1. So screwed!! But I think there comes a point where hanging with young people keeps you young too. I didn’t think that point was at a bar at 2 in the morning but it seems to be working for you! 😘

      Diversity is something that will happen in time if we make a greater effort to reach more people. I LOVE spreading the gospel of FIRE and, based on your cabby discussions, I know you’re in the same congregation. Keep it up!!


  23. Well of course I already talked to you on the phone about most of this. lol! I will just second that naps and important. And not drinking too much and going to bed early if it’s what is right for you. I still can’t believe I came in after you and shannon at lola! lol! Being truly yourself at those kind of things is tricky. And about the fire stuff: word! Can’t wait to hear all about TR!!!!!


    1. Girl, you were a party animal at Lola. 10:30pm – CRAZY!!

      I wasn’t sure what to expect at FinCon and I can honestly say I was pleasantly delighted by the experience. Yes, we have some issues within our little FIRE niche but nothing that can’t be fixed. I am more compelled to speak up knowing that others felt the same way.

      TR report coming your way soon!!


  24. Priceless! Had to drag myself from under my desk from laughing so hard. Colleagues were wondering what was wrong with me 😉 Might need to reevaluate our decision to skip 2018 for now (way too expensive when flying in from Europe….)


      1. We are still looking to see if we could combine with a road trip. But because we are already planning on a 9 week road trip through Europe in 2018, we will be out of budget and time to also add FinCon. Perhaps 2019 will be a better opportunity!

        Liked by 1 person

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