#70kChallenge Update & Invite

At the end of last year, I proposed a challenge to Mrs. 1500.  She had mentioned she wanted to start being more active and I knew I needed accountability to stay on track.  The challenge was to walk 70k steps a week for all of 2019.  If one of us fell short for the week, we would owe the other $5 to be paid up at the end of the challenge…you know us frugal people hate to part with cash!!  Once the rules were all set, we thought it may be fun to let others join in so on January 1st of this year, I wrote a blog post introducing the #70kChallenge and opened registration to the first 8 people to respond.  Within a few hours our #70kChallenge team had swelled to 13 (we just couldn’t say no!) and we had to start turning people away.  Rules were explained, a Twitter DM group and Google spreadsheet were set up, and the challenge began.


In the first couple of weeks, we had 2 people drop out.  One due to time commitments, the other due to seriously high numbers.  He had never tracked his steps before so he didn’t really know what his daily steps were.  Turns out, it was DOUBLE what everyone else was stepping so hitting 70k wasn’t much of a challenge.  As the weeks wore on, we lost a few more folks, mostly due to other priorities trumping this one.  Currently, 30 weeks in, we are down from 13 to 8 members deeming this less of a challenge and more a walking version of The Hunger Games.

Reflections from the past 30 weeks are as follows:

  • 52 weeks is a loooong time to run a challenge
  • 70k steps a week is sometimes hard to get when you factor in illness, injury, travel, and other things that pop up in the course of a year.
  • $5 is difficult to part with for a personal failure – no matter how much money you have…

But the best reflection of all…

  • Having people to check in with makes it much easier to stay on track and be successful.

Let me address that last one.  My accountabilibuddies have been hands down the best part of this challenge (Mrs. 1500 thoroughly agrees).  In the first few weeks, as we adjusted to this new goal, our Twitter group was active with all sorts of conversation ranging from how to get steps in when it’s freezing outside to photos and videos of our daily walks or marching in place with The Bachelor on the TV in the background.  Even our watches began to take notice!

Waffles on Wednesday Showing Off Her Streak!!

As the weeks have worn on, our conversation has evolved from the physical how to get the steps into a more mindful approach.  Why did we sign up for this challenge in the first place?  To be healthier.  To be fit.  To stick with a physical challenge that will better not only our bodies but also our minds.  That part is the hardest.  When you know that you have a thousand things to do, it is hard to convince your mind to do something good for your body.  Similar to reaching Financial Independence, we all know the “how” (make and save money) but we have to have the why.  Without a why you will never push past the how.  

To keep ourselves motivated and keep focused on the “why”, we began to introduce mini-challenges at random.  Some were to hit certain numbers by a certain time in the day or, for the FitBit team members, to hit 250 steps an hour for 9 hours straight (I am terrible at that challenge!!)…

In my defense, Sunday was a migraine day and Saturday I left my FitBit on the charger!!  A rookie mistake that happens to us all from time to time.  

Whether it was the weekly goal, a mini-challenge, or just getting motivation to march out a final 2000 steps before bedtime, my accountabilibuddies have been the best part of this challenge.  Not only did I not want to let myself down, but I also didn’t want to let them down.  I know what you’re thinking, shouldn’t they want you to fail to gain $5 more for the pot??  Strangely, no.  Everyone has been so encouraging which is exactly why we push hard to get those last steps in every Saturday night!!

So let’s talk numbers…

Once the commitment part was down, we realized some people were consistently hitting over 70k steps a week which meant that 70k was no longer a challenge.  Based on weekly averages, we decided to split into 2 different teams.  Group A is now striving for 77k a week while Group B continues at 70k a week.

Here is the list of both teams ranked in order of total steps for the year:

Mindful Cents – 2776156
Miss Mazuma –2684714
Waffles on Wednesday -2524182
Josh Overmyer -2442744
Wade Egmon -2353550
Slowly Sipping Coffee -2347696
Mrs 1500 -2298229
JHudsontraffic -2168366

We have all walked 2 million+ steps for the year which is equivalent to over 1000 miles each!!  Astonishing.

But beyond the steps, there is the other portion of the challenge which is missing the weekly goal.  Still in the running for 0 missed weeks is:

Josh Overmyer
Miss Mazuma
Waffles on Wednesday

Current pot totals are even at $45 each.  As you can see, we are very motivated to not pay.  🙂


What started as a personal challenge between 2 friends turned into a group activity that has motivated all of us daily.  And now we want to motivate you!!

2020 Step Challenge

Come November we will be opening next years challenge for registration.  We will no longer cap the limit of people joining but we will have some other rules and adjustments to this year’s challenge.  We will also have a deadline for registration.  If you are interested in joining, please check back November 1st for more details and registration information.  We would love to have you on our team!!

August 24 & 25 Lake Geneva Hike

IMG-6820A couple weeks back I mentioned a group hike here in Lake Geneva, WI.  Two of my current team members, Josh Overmyer and Slowly Sipping Coffee, will be visiting so we can stomp some steps out together.  This won’t be the first time Josh and I have met up to walk but it will be the longest of distances, walking a little over 11 miles each day.  If you would like to join us, please read the info below and respond by Friday, August 9th.  Emails with more details will go out soon after.  We hope to see you there!!

Until next time…




Geneva Lake Hike

Saturday, 8/24:
7am – North Half Lake Hike (appx 11 miles)
11am Lunch at Chucks in Fontana, WI
**Free time for swimming/exploring**
3pm – Potluck BBQ at my Caboose

Sunday 8/25
7am – South Half Lake hike. (appx 12 miles)
11am Lunch at Chucks in Fontana, WI
**Free time for swimming/exploring**
3pm – Potluck BBQ at my Caboose

The lake is 23 miles around and takes 7.5 hours to hike, not including stops.

If you want to stay in Lake Geneva overnight, there are a ton of options!! Airbnb, camping at Big Foot Beach State Park, and a bunch of hotels. If you plan to join us for the lake hike or BBQ, please RSVP to missmazuma@gmail.com so I can get a headcount and send out more information such as the meeting spot, what to bring, and what to be prepared for route-wise. Be specific with your plans in your email so I know what dates/events to count you in for.  Due to space limitations, the Potluck BBQ will be capped at 20 people each day so please don’t take a space unless you plan to attend and/or let me know if your plans have changed so I can fill your spot. If you want to show up just for lunch, you know where we will be and at what time -> 11am at Chucks Lakeshore Inn on both days.  It’s an easy place to have a large group since all food orders happen at a window and you can pay as you go at the bar.

IF IT RAINS…  The Potluck BBQ/Hike will be weather permitting but we WILL still meet at Chuck’s on both days and the rest we will figure out as we go. It will all be in the email. 🙂 Either way, if you book a hotel/room, there will be meetups of some sort that weekend so fear not!!




10 thoughts on “#70kChallenge Update & Invite

  1. This is so amazing. I just challenged my sister to a much smaller scale of this. I think we are going to start off with 90 days, which means we will start Oct 1. Thanks so much for the inspiration!


  2. Dreday

    This is just the article I needed to see t ok get back on track I love that like minded people think about these important things in life


  3. Scott

    Thanks for hosting the event this weekend. While I could only make a small part of it, it was great to meet some new people. Hopefully if you ever do a hike again I will be able to participate 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Anonymous

    Oooh, yes. Can I be a 2020 step challenger please!? Ill have to up my game. And I hope someday to walk that gorgeous lake again.


  5. Just inputted my steps for the week. Still getting my steps in even in the middle of Iowa and Ragbrai. Can’t wait for the challenge next year! #AccountabilibuddiesAreTheBest


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