Hey y’all!!

What am I about?  Yikes!!  Let’s see…

I am a flight attendant by trade which works perfectly for me as I love to travel and enjoy new experiences and I’m extremely grateful that I get paid to do just that!  When I’m not traveling for work, I love long distance hiking and daydreaming about the year long trip I’ll be taking once I gain financial independence…or maybe sooner…  😉

When I’m not bouncing about the country, I live in Chicago with my best pup Bubba – Bubs for short.  She is a lab/border collie mix and is a perfect blend of both – super smart like a collie and super lazy like some labs can be.  Bubba’s stats are as follows: Black fur, 67lbs, 10 years young (61 in people years), and enjoys long walks on the beach…preferably if they end in a good roll on a dead fish.  She loves anything food related (pretty sure she gets that from me) and, little known fact, she gives the best hugs ever!

Well, that’s enough for now.  Bubs and I are oh so happy you found us and we hope you’ll stick around awhile to join us on our many journeys ahead – whether they be physical or financial, I hope we can entertain you and perhaps even help you in some way down the line.  Certainly drop us a line if you’re in our hood!

xo Miss Mazuma