Life Update – I’m an Engineer Now ;)

I’m back… 🙂  

I got a text from a friend this week that whipped my brain matter into a froth. It was a screenshot from a tweet she sent out last year…

Already??!!  I remember like it was yesterday… and I wish to God I could forget the song!!

This past year has been both the shortest AND the longest string of three hundred and sixty-five days in all of my 40 years. At times it has felt like a complete whirlwind where I couldn’t catch my breath, and others it felt like I was walking through mud…where I also couldn’t catch my breath, but for completely different reasons. In an effort to not make this a 10k* word post, I am going to gloss over almost everything except the key highlights:

  • June 2018 – Bought the Caboose
  • June 2018 – Moved to Denver
  • Summer 2018 – Went to FinCon, Camp Mustache, and every CampFI of 2018 (minus the second Florida weekend)
  • 2018/2019 – Spent a lot of time in Georgia
  • 2018/2019 – Spent a few minutes swimming upstream in the mainstream media (more on that in a later post).
  • 2018/2019 – Spent nominal amounts of time at work
  • 2019 – Had a lovely vacation in Europe where, amongst other things, I lived in a castle and dined on Pannekoek
  • May 2019 – Moved to Lake Geneva for the summer

Whew!  I’m finally taking a moment to breathe before summer gets into full swing. Marla, my friend and caboose neighbor, is set to arrive next week which will get the 2019 season kicked off right.  We have a lot of visitors due for visits (see your invite below!) in the coming months but I also have FinCon, Lola Retreat, a trip to Vancouver, and a possible jaunt through Spain (still in the planning stages) to look forward to.  To round it all out, another move awaits me in October.  Something tells me I am set for another whirlwind of a year.  But first, the present…

Now that I live in a train car, I can somewhat declare that I am a locomotive engineer. OK, so there is no engine to speak of, but I am maintaining/living in the area which the engineers’ who once worked on the engine used to use as an office. That must count for something, right? Plus, I have these kick-ass locomotive engineer overalls so it’s officially official via my wardrobe at least…I am an engineer.

So what can I tell you about caboose living that I haven’t already? Continue reading “Life Update – I’m an Engineer Now ;)”

New Year, New Challenge…70k Steps a Week. Join Us!!

Happy 2019!!  Today is the day that many people will hold themselves accountable for past resolutions gone wrong or future resolutions to begin anew.  According to THIS post by INC., the top 10 New Years resolutions people commit to are as follows:

1. Diet or eat healthier
2. Exercise more
3. Lose weight
4. Save more and spend less
5. Learn a new skill or hobby
6. Quit smoking
7. Read more
8. Find another job
9. Drink less alcohol
10. Spend more time with family and friends

Like most people, I start every new year with grand illusions that I will live a healthier life in the 365 days to come.  One year I started with my apple a day challenge.  The daily part lasted a few months until I skipped a few days and never got back on track again.  Even though I didn’t make it the whole year, I continue to eat apples more regularly than I did before.  That’s something, right?  Last year I decided to hit the gym more often – I didn’t set a daily or weekly goal which most likely added to the lack of accountability factor that made me never once hit the gym (minus the few times I used Planet Fitness for showers during my road trip) until October…a full 10 months after committing to more gym time.
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Want To Check Out My Caboose?

Clickbait?  Maybe…


Ok, just kidding.  That is me trying to dumpster dive at Aldi…my technique could use some improvement.

What I really want to show you is my OTHER caboose…

Isn’t she lovely??

I teased about this purchase back in July, but if you haven’t been following along on Twitter or Instagram then I have failed as far as keeping you updated.  So let me shout it from the rooftops once again… Continue reading “Want To Check Out My Caboose?”

Fuck It FI aka When You Change Direction On The Path to Financial Independence

Too long a title?  It’s my blog, so deal.  😉

When you take several months off between posts, it seems every post you write has a catch-up theme.  I’ll keep it brief, but this one is no different…

After my road trip ended in February, I began a stage of floating.  I floated from one house sit to the next, from one work trip to the next, and one grand idea to the next.  As of a few weeks ago, I traded all of that floating for rooting.  In a tiny home.  In Denver.  COLORADO!!

IMG-3296 (1).jpg
Welcome to Our Tiny Home ❤

The road that led me here has been a long, windy, and lately a bumpy one.  4 years ago I first got the idea to move.  And then I met someone, so I stayed.  6 months ago that ended and I decided to move again.  And then I met someone else, nearly changing my course yet again.  But that too is over and I am finally here.  No strings attached. I moved everything I have across the country into 283 sq ft of what I soon hope to call “home” and actually feel it.

So where does that leave me on my path to FI??  Well, I coined a new term that I am sure will spread like wildfire – I am currently on the path of Fuck It FI… Continue reading “Fuck It FI aka When You Change Direction On The Path to Financial Independence”

Road Trip Finances, Factoids, & #VanLife Wisdoms

This post is a long time coming (as are all of my post’s these days!), but I’m finally still enough to write it.  If you happen to be following along on Instagram, you know my road trip is over.  Long over.  For the past 6 weeks, instead of driving state to state, I have been hopping around from house to house and working a bunch (but more on that in an upcoming post).  I figured I could write a 10,000-word post about the conclusion of my trip OR I could just show you how it all went down.  Thanks to my friend Tonya* at Budget and the Beach, that’s exactly what I get to do!!

Can I just say how incredible Tonya is to put that together??  She has insane editing skills to be able to cut some of my inappropriate use of language and bawdy humor and still have enough to work with…not an easy task!  Of course, she couldn’t fit the entire road trip in so I feel I would be doing you a disservice to not include the following photos.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I am adding 10 for good measure…

FRIENDS, FOOD, and FUN (in no particular order)

Finally made it to Carmel-by-the-Sea – on my Places To Visit list for over 10 years!  CHECK!!

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