Shift Your Perspective & Create New Habits

Hey, All!  It’s Monday and what that means for most is the start of a new week after a hopefully awesome weekend.  For me, today is the start of my weekend after finishing a 5 day stretch on the road.  I know, I know – most people work 5 days in a row!!  And having done it before I sympathize, I do.  But for us Flygal’s it is a looooong time to be away from home particularly when you factor in the 12 flights, 3 different beds in 3 different cities, all while maintaining a perma smile that I now associate with giving me wrinkles.  🙂  Haha – it’s funny no matter how much we love our jobs we still find something to gripe about!  Moving on…

Are you guys reading Four Pillar Freedom?  If not, you should be.  Not only because JD Roth is reading it…


But also because the writing is on point.  A few days back, Zach started the month with a powerful post about shifting perspective from the things we should stop doing in favor of the ones we should start doing.  It’s a great list and I implore you to pop over now and check it out.  I’ll wait…

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Financial Independence: The Journey AND The Destination

I write amongst a large group of people who are all focused on the same thing… financial independence – FI for short.  FI is the amount of money that is needed to sustain your specific lifestyle comfortably  for the unforeseeable future regardless if you work or not.  Some have calculated their number based on a formula and when they hit it they will quit, others have picked a date and plan to hustle to until then.  Personally, I am working towards a date. November 16, 2023.

I’ve talk about my date in-depth HERE, but briefly I will explain that I have based it on a combination of actual retirement from my job and the amount of time it will take for me to save for my FI number and have come up with November 16, 2022.  Though I have no intention of actually retiring, I will be so happy to know that I can take off months at a time and not worry about my financial future. Looking 6 years into the future, I see me spending my free time travelling, volunteering, maybe a bit of working…you know, enjoying life!!  But what about right now?  What about the seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, and years between now and then?  Am I looking to far into the future without giving today the attention it deserves?


I know many of you can’t read the line in that photo without breaking into Steven Tyler’s voice so go ahead…I’ll wait…

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2016 Financial Year In Review

2016 has come to a close…almost.  As I write I am sipping a daiquiri from a beach in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  No, I am not yet retired, but after a boost in income via a bit of hard work I am quite a bit closer than the start of the year…over 100k to closer!!!  What?!  Yes, I said it…I am $100,000 richer than the start of this year.  It is incredible.  But what is more incredible is how full my heart is…

This blog is new since June of this year.  Without it I would never have been able to accomplish half of what I have.  I credit this community and the people in it (everyone who has commented!!) for giving me the support and courage to speak my truth whether it is bad, good, or indifferent.  Coming from being in a ton of debt it is hard to put yourself out there again – especially among a bunch of 30 year olds (plus the Groovy’s!!) who have already retired!!  So so happy for everyone who has learned their financial lessons in life much earlier than I and I can’t wait to stand right there next to them…but until then I will continue to read, learn, and enjoy the ride along the way.  🙂

So back to the numbers… How the heck did that happen??  How did my net worth jump 100k in one year!!?  Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

You can read all about my half-year review HERE but in an effort to sum things up, see the numbers posted below.  At the start of 2016, I had $162,842 in total assets (remember I don’t include my house or car in my assets)…

This years goal was to max out all of my retirement accounts (including the IRA I started this April) and work 100 hours a month…I accomplished both…kind of.  The financial goals were met with no problem.  Working 100 hours a month didn’t happen precisely how I wanted but averaging my hours over the year made up for a few months I fell short….ahem, October I’m talking to you!  No worries, spending two weeks in Thailand was well worth it!!

Now back to the second half of the year – here are the numbers for all you voyeurs…

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Money & Morals – Using Your $$ For Good

A few months back I had the experience of a lifetime – I spent an entire week volunteering at an elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  This trip is one that I had been wanting to do for 10 years.  I first heard of The Elephant Nature Park from a flight attendant who had gone there on her honeymoon.  Though I thought it an odd choice at the time, as my honeymoon was spent sipping rum punch on a beach in Jamaica,  I have since come around to realize her experience far outweighed my gluttonous week of all you can eat restaurants and sand in my crotch…as far as honeymoons are concerned, she won.

The result of 800 lbs of food each day…times 71 elephants!

I arrived at ENP unsure of how the experience would shape me.  I knew the basics of what we would be doing – prepping food (Did you know elephants eat 800 lbs of food a day?), picking up shit (400lbs a day…each!), and cleaning the park of the discarded corn tusks the elephants deemed inedible (picky, picky, picky).   I had no idea there would also be 460 dogs there (most saved from the flood of Bangkok in 2011), herds of water buffalo, endless cats, goats, chickens, and any other type of animal that has needed rescuing in the past 25+ years.  I also had no idea what the tourism industry had done to these magnificent creatures including torture, mutilation, and murder of many of the mothers in order to take the young.  That week I learned a lot.  I saw more than what I thought my heart could handle.  That week, I became a voice for those who can’t speak… Continue reading “Money & Morals – Using Your $$ For Good”

A Lesson in Judgement From My First Hater…kind of.

I have been a bit absent in the past week or so.  I have been working (a little), but mainly, I have been obsessed with my latest outlet for money talk…the Rock Star Finance Forums.  I have been spending  an extreme amount of my time chatting with other money minded peeps, reading all their blog posts, responding to comments.  RSF Forums is like having a new job – but a job I really really love and don’t get paid a dime to attend.  🙂

Well, yesterday someone on the forum asked a question in regards to debt:

“How necessary is debt to your wealth building strategy?”

I was the first to respond with “not necessary” in regards to my own tragic story of debt:

Screenshot 2016-12-01 at 9.12.35 AM - Edited.png

And, due to that link, I brought in a new reader and today received the first negative reaction to that post.  The reaction I have been waiting for since the day it was published… Continue reading “A Lesson in Judgement From My First Hater…kind of.”

The Year is Ending -Did You Do All You Could To Meet Your Goals? I Didn’t…

Wednesday.  Hump Day.  The worst day of the week for some…mainly the procrastinating type.  The best day of the week for others – the week is almost over!!  🙂  This Hump day I am feeling a little bit of both.

For me, the week is almost over but my work week is just beginning.  I’ll be flying on Friday and Saturday this week.  Burbank here I come!!  Saturday also happens to be one of the coldest days of the season in Chicago thus far so I’ll be happy to miss it…well, half of it.

Sunday will be my favorite day of the month – the 20th.  Every 20th of the month my company releases all the trips they couldn’t fill for the next month, in this case December.  What happens at 10pm on any 20th of the month is a mad frenzy of computer activity with all of us flight attendants trading trips at once.  It’s hard to explain the trading aspect, but the result is an intense feeling of failure or victory depending on how well your trades went.  I plan for victory.  Oh, and the 20th also happens to be the usual payday but because it falls on a Sunday I will have to wait for…

Monday – Payday!!  Monday also will be my first ever Mastermind with a couple of lady bloggers in this PF space.  I am so excited to see how this goes!!! 🙂

Hump Day be damned…this week I’m just getting started!

But as I look at the year so far – Hump Month is long gone.  We are nearing the end of the downturn of the year.  2016 is coming to a close and it is closing in on us fast.  46 days left in the year including today.  7 more weeks including 7 more Hump Days.  Yikes!!!  What goals of the year are you still reaching for?  

Image result for To do

Remember my half-year review?  That was way back in June.  What have I accomplished since then?  Um.  Not much…

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Pt 3 -Recovering From the Fall of My Empire

*** This post is the last of a 3 part series.  The first post will discussed the rise, the second the fall, and this post is my recovery.  I hope you’ll stick around to check them out and possibly learn from my mistakes. 😉 ***

A quick recap – The first post of this series spoke about my love affair with real estate.  How I stumbled into buying my first condo at 24.  How I quickly sold and bought a new one in the city at 25 and how I turned that one into 2 more before leaving the city for the burbs a few years later.  Part two discussed the outcome of all those properties when the real estate market took a dump.  What happens when the world around you crashes?  When your tenants stop paying their rent?  When the husband you just married turns out not to be the husband you were hoping for?  What happens when you quickly realize that you need to save yourself from the sinking world around you?

And this post?  This post is about starting over.  Regaining perspective.  And becoming the person I was before the shit hit the fan.  This post is my rebirth…

Image result for you just have to keep pushing yourself


When we last left off I was at the bottom…well, that’s not true.  The bottom happened before my last place sold.  The bottom came when I gave up hope. Continue reading “Pt 3 -Recovering From the Fall of My Empire”