Traveling on a Dime…OK, 2!

Many people have asked how it is that I can travel so cheaply…you know, besides the obvious of the free flight perks my job allows me.  If you have been reading here awhile you know that it helps that I am more frugal than most, but I also take a fare amount of time to prepare for my trips in advance.  Here are some tips I have learned over the years to get the most bang for my buck while globetrotting this big round orb…

FullSizeRender (14).jpg
Just a Bit of Money I found While Hiking Lamma Island, Hong Kong

As an avid traveler (both on the job and off), one of the largest expenses while on the road is…wait for it…

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Money & Morals – Using Your $$ For Good

A few months back I had the experience of a lifetime – I spent an entire week volunteering at an elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  This trip is one that I had been wanting to do for 10 years.  I first heard of The Elephant Nature Park from a flight attendant who had gone there on her honeymoon.  Though I thought it an odd choice at the time, as my honeymoon was spent sipping rum punch on a beach in Jamaica,  I have since come around to realize her experience far outweighed my gluttonous week of all you can eat restaurants and sand in my crotch…as far as honeymoons are concerned, she won.

The result of 800 lbs of food each day…times 71 elephants!

I arrived at ENP unsure of how the experience would shape me.  I knew the basics of what we would be doing – prepping food (Did you know elephants eat 800 lbs of food a day?), picking up shit (400lbs a day…each!), and cleaning the park of the discarded corn tusks the elephants deemed inedible (picky, picky, picky).   I had no idea there would also be 460 dogs there (most saved from the flood of Bangkok in 2011), herds of water buffalo, endless cats, goats, chickens, and any other type of animal that has needed rescuing in the past 25+ years.  I also had no idea what the tourism industry had done to these magnificent creatures including torture, mutilation, and murder of many of the mothers in order to take the young.  That week I learned a lot.  I saw more than what I thought my heart could handle.  That week, I became a voice for those who can’t speak… Continue reading “Money & Morals – Using Your $$ For Good”

I Wrote My Will Today…

Everyone should have a will…Right?  Right.

Truth be told, this is something I preach but don’t practice.  You know, like eat healthy and work out.  Sounds great but I rarely do it…the working out part.  Let’s face it – that’s the hard part.  And, like working out, planning for your death is hard.   Hard, but important.

Image result for last will and testament meme

Next week I leave for Thailand to cross off one of my Bucket List items.  I realize this is a trip many have made before and I realize that volunteering with elephants is not likely to be my cause of death.  But… I also realize that shit happens.  And, though I have no intentions of getting swept under a stampede, I am not the type to sit on the sidelines and watch the world go by…I’ll jump (or attempt to jump) on the elephants back and enjoy the ride!  

With all that in mind, today I wrote my will.  It isn’t official but I have no doubt it will stand up in court – it is basic, but informative, and will most likely cause those to read it to both laugh and cry…as any will should.  The will is brief.  One printed page of instructions (front and back) for my assets, my Bubs, and my vacuum (My BF will be so happy!)…

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WTF is Labor Day and Why Am I Working Today?

Are you working this Labor Day?  Yep.  Me too.  If you aren’t, I salute you.  Grill up a veggie burger and pour one out for me.  😉

For those who are working – you get a double salute…and not the fingers up bad kind.  

Have you ever asked what the meaning of this whole day off (that I’m not taking off) is??  I did. Here it is in a nutshell…

Image result for labor day ecard

Interesting.  But we can go a little deeper…here’s my quick breakdown of events:

In the late 1800’s working conditions weren’t as cushy as they are today.  Long hours for little pay was all the trend.  Young children were a common source for manual labor – so bad.  😦  Others must have thought so too, because people began to commiserate and the first unions were created to give all laborers regulations in working conditions.  Pickets and strikes were organized and on September 5, 1882 the first unofficial Labor Day Parade marched the streets of New York City 10,000 strong.  Years later, Chicago began what would become the strike that broke the camels back.  When good ol’ George Pullman decided to cut wages for his company (they built sleeper train cars), his 4000 workers began a strike against the railroads that would eventually swell to 250,000 strong across 25 states.  Not cool.  The Army was beckoned to break up riots and attempt to recover order which it eventually did.  On June 28 1894, Congress passed an act making Labor Day a legal holiday and now we take the first Monday of September off to eat hot dogs and visit the beach one last time before fall.  The end.

Cool.  Who doesn’t love a bit of history on their day off?

Anywho, unions are great and were necessary at the time.  I am a unionized employee…but Labor Day is not a guaranteed day off in my case.  In many cases!  Imagine what would happen if everyone took labor day off??  Let’s look at the chaos that would unfold:

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Bucket List Challenge – Join Me!!

Hey all!

I’m writing from a hotel room in MSP situated across the street from the Mall of America.  While many flight attendants would relish in their 15 hour overnight to spend half of it roaming the mall buying crap they don’t need, I’m not that kind of girl. I did, however, wander through the mall getting my steps in and picking up major points on Shopkick…but that’s another post.  On my walk back to the hotel I couldn’t help but pop into IKEA for a slice of pizza. Seriously, they have the best crappy pizza one can buy for $1.75 ($2.50 with drink) – if you haven’t tried it I implore you to do so.

Anywho, my real overnight began once I settled back into my room…

It is rare I use my TV on an overnight…unless they have Bravo and Real Housewives of NY is on.  Or The Bachelor or The Bachelorette is on…or Bachelor in Paradise.  Oh, or Law and Order SVU!  Ok – maybe I watch TV more than I think, but I don’t have cable at home so it’s easily justified. 🙂 So, today when I returned to my room I put HBO to see what was up on the movie channel. Enter The Bucket List.

Now, I love me some Rob Reiner films. And I love me some Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. But this movie I did not love. It was OK, and I definitely watched it from beginning to end, but it wasn’t mind blowing by any means.  That being said, the idea was great – two dying men trying to live out their final dreams and goals.  I can get behind that idea and, as sad as it is, I get it.  But what I don’t get is why people wait until they are DYING to motivate and LIVE their lives!  What a cruel way to go…finally living and then you die.  Bummer!

The movie reminded me of my own Bucket List. At the beginning of this year I spent twenty minutes having a brain dump and writing down all of the things I want to accomplish and experience before I die…um, in one hundred years.  The movie made me go back and reintroduce myself to the list.  It was super invigorating for my imagination to see what lies ahead in my future, both near & far… Continue reading “Bucket List Challenge – Join Me!!”