365 Days…

Ugh…don’t you just hate these 1-year blogiversary things??  I’m with you!!  I have only read a few (and one in particular) that hit the nail on the head but those are such a rarity.  Overall, I am not huge on self-congratulating indulgences, however, for historical purposes of my own interest (it’s all about me, after all 😉 ), I feel it necessary to future me to have this post to look back on so feel free to humor me or move on…I promise my feelings won’t be hurt!

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It’s official.  Today is one year since my very first blog post as Miss Mazuma.  I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by!!   I have read that first post a few times over the past year wondering what the fuck I was thinking starting a blog in this genre in the first place.  Reading it again just now, I realize my intention to help others steer clear of some of my own financial mistakes was well-intentioned but, in some ways, completely missed the mark from what I’ve actually experienced.  I thought my purpose was to help others but it turns out I needed the help more! Continue reading “365 Days…”

That Says a Lot About You.

This post was featured by Rockstar Finance. If you clicked over from there, THANK YOU, and I hope you enjoy the read. If you just happened to wander over here and are interested in all things Personal Finance or FIRE (Financial Independence/Early Retirement), I highly recommend you hop over to Rockstar Finance to check out their site and all the awesome bloggers they host weekly.  Oh, and don’t forget to check out the Rockstar Finance Forum where you can chat PF to your heart’s content. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will follow along on my long and winding road to FI!  Now, on to the post…

You know when something happens in your life, when you hear something or see something that is somewhat defining but doesn’t yet make sense so you sweep it into a corner of your mind and wait for the thoughts to mature enough to make sense on their own?  This is such a story and after years and years of it creeping in and out of the corner, it finally makes sense…

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When I was 16 years old, I was being driven home by my date at the end of the night when we stopped at a red light.  We hadn’t had a great evening and I was happy it was coming to an end.  The left turn arrow lit green before the light to go straight did and I broke the silence of that quiet moment to ask if he ever felt like taking the first light even though home was the other direction.  To this day I remember the exact words that came out of his mouth, “That says a lot about you.”  Hmph.  We broke up the next day when he asked another girl to prom, but those words have always haunted me.  What did that say about me??  Was I so different from my peers?  Did no one else yearn for the path less taken?! Continue reading “That Says a Lot About You.”

A Lesson in Judgement From My First Hater…kind of.

I have been a bit absent in the past week or so.  I have been working (a little), but mainly, I have been obsessed with my latest outlet for money talk…the Rock Star Finance Forums.  I have been spending an extreme amount of my time chatting with other money minded peeps, reading all their blog posts, responding to comments.  RSF Forums is like having a new job – but a job I really really love and don’t get paid a dime to attend.  🙂

Well, yesterday someone on the forum asked a question in regards to debt:

“How necessary is debt to your wealth building strategy?”

I was the first to respond with “not necessary” in regards to my own tragic story of debt:

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And, due to that link, I brought in a new reader and today received the first negative reaction to that post.  The reaction I have been waiting for since the day it was published… Continue reading “A Lesson in Judgement From My First Hater…kind of.”

I am Grateful For YOU

This week has been a HUGE one for this here little blog.  Though I have been reading about personal finance for the past couple years, I have only been writing for 5 months.  In that time, the amount of encouragement I have gotten from the PF community has been mind-blowing.  I want to write this post to give a big THANK YOU back to those who have helped me along the way (in no particular order)… Continue reading “I am Grateful For YOU”

Just Do It…

*** Im in Thailand!! For the next two weeks I will be reposting some of my earlier lesser read posts. Though wifi will be sporadic, I plan to check in from time to time should you write a comment. 🙂 I hope you enjoy and I’ll see you back here soon! ***


So, I sort of introduced myself the other day but I feel like my motivation for writing this blog may not have been construed properly – so let me give it another go. You see, this isn’t my first rodeo…

My first blog was littlebrickranch.com and focused on our (my then husband and I’s) newly purchased (completely outdated) 1950s brick ranch. I wrote about our many home improvements, frugal quick fixes, recipes, and the huge organic vegetable square foot garden that I built and nourished until it could nourish us. It was grand…and then, just as quickly, it wasn’t. Managing the blog (I posted 5x – week), all the home improvements, the garden, and still maintaining a full time job was time-consuming – but don’t get me wrong, I loved it!  Living a full life – seeing things grow which I had planted, being busy…It gave me purpose.

When the blog started to grow to a wider audience, I realized I was helping people who were going through similar projects and experiences. I was making friends with other lifestyle bloggers.  I felt like everything in my life was in an upswing…well, except one thing…

The marriage wasn’t working…
Continue reading “Just Do It…”